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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1997Quaternary structural analysis of nucleoside diphosphate kinases using capillary electrophoresis이공주Conference Paper
2003Bioactive prenylated flavonoids from the stem bark of Artocarpus kemando서은경Article
2004Tissue Response of Calcium Polyphosphate in Beagle Dog Part II: 12 Month Result이승진Conference Paper
2005Role of reactive oxygen species in transforming growth factor-β1- inuduced fibronectin secretion and α-smooth muscle actin expression in human lung fibroblasts하헌주Article
2004P-glycoprotein inhibitory activity of Indonesian medicinal plants in human breast cancer cells서은경; 이화정; 한아름Article
1997In vitro and in vivo antifungal activities of 6-[(N-4-bromophenyl) amino]-7-chloro-5,8-quinolinediones유충규Article
2005Effects of glucose degradation products on human peritoneal mesothelial cells이경림; 하헌주Article
2005Interaction between IgE-dependent histamine-releasing factor and triosephosphate isomerase in HeLa cells김화정; 이경림Article
2005Estrogen effect on the Na,K-ATPase activity repressed by IgE-dependent histamine-releasing factor in HeLa cells김화정; 이경림Article
1997The optimization of ELISA for methamphetamine determination: The effect of immunogen, tracer and antibody purification method on the sensitivity김춘미Article
1997A novel nortriterpene from Hedera rhombea이인란Article
1997I269S mutation in horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase S isoenzyme and its reactivity for steroids and retinoids이강만Article
1996A novel cycloartane glycoside from Thalictrum uchiyamai이인란Article
1990Microencapsulation of nalidixic acid using Eudragit RL구영순Article
1990Studies on the pharmacological actions and biologically active components of Korean traditional medicines (VII). On the anticancer macromolecular substances from Duchesnea indica herba이인란Article
1990Studies on the alkalophilic bacteria producing alkaline protease and its enzyme activities이강만Article
1990The effect on the dissolution rate of sulfamerazine from sugar glass dispersion system구영순Article
1990The effect of carbon monoxide intoxication on the changes in contents of amino acid neurotransmitter of rat brain윤재순Article
1990Synthesis of anticoagulant 3-(N-aryalmino)-1,4-naphthoquinones(III)유충규Article
1990Isolation of a new phenylpropanoid from Codonopsis ussuriensis이인란; 서은경Article