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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Contribute to the Production of IFN-beta via TLR7-MyD88-Dependent Pathway and CTL Priming during Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection장준Article
2019Enrichment of Short-Chain Ceramides and Free Fatty Acids in the Skin Epidermis, Liver, and Kidneys of db/db Mice, a Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Model하헌주; 임경민; 김민정Article
2019Superior immune responses induced by intranasal immunization with recombinant adenovirus-based vaccine expressing full-length Spike protein of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus장준Article
2019APOB gene polymorphisms may affect the risk of minor or minimal bleeding complications in patients on warfarin maintaining therapeutic INR곽혜선Article
2019Phosphorylation of USP15 and USP4 Regulates Localization and Spliceosomal Deubiquitination송은주Article
2019Discovery and Biological Evaluations of Halogenated 2,4-Diphenyl Indeno[1,2-b]pyridinol Derivatives as Potent Topoisomerase IIα-Targeted Chemotherapeutic Agents for Breast Cancer권영주Article
2019PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games and athletes' usage of a € polyclinic' medical services이정연Review
2019Discovery of Conformationally Restricted Human Glutaminyl Cyclase Inhibitors as Potent Anti-Alzheimer's Agents by Structure-Based Design최선Article
2019Targeting Heat Shock Protein 27 in Cancer: A Druggable Target for Cancer Treatment?이윤실Review
2019The Hsp27-Mediated IkB alpha-NF kappa B Signaling Axis Promotes Radiation-Induced Lung Fibrosis황은숙; 이윤실Article
2019PGC-1α, a potential therapeutic target against kidney aging하헌주Review
2019Lysates of a Probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Can Improve Skin Barrier Function in a Reconstructed Human Epidermis Model임경민Article
2019Association between HNF4A mutations and bleeding complications in patients with stable international normalized ratio곽혜선Article
2019Synthesis and evaluation of novel potent TSPO PET ligands with 2-phenylpyrazolo [1,5-a]pyrimidin-3-yl acetamide강수성Article
2019Factors related to inappropriate edoxaban use이정연Article
2019Pharmacy services at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games이정연Article
2019Correlation study between A(3) adenosine receptor binding affinity and anti-renal interstitial fibrosis activity of truncated adenosine derivatives하헌주Article
2019Comparisons of doxycycline solution with talc slurry for chemical pleurodesis and risk factors for recurrence in South Korean patients with spontaneous pneumothorax곽혜선Article
2019Statistical analysis of the reproducibility and predictive capacity of MCTT HCE™ eye irritation test, a me-too test method for OECD TG 492배승진; 임경민; 이동환Article
2019Cyclocurcumin from Curcuma Tonga selectively inhibits shear stress-induced platelet aggregation임경민Article