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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Asymptotic C* -algebras from ℤk -actions on higher rank graphs이인협Article
2012Maximum principle and comparison principle of p-harmonic functions via p-harmonic boundary of graphs이용하Article
2011Knowledge expectations in mathematics teacher preparation programs in South Korea and the United States: Towards international dialogue김래영Article
2010Asymptotic behavior of A-harmonic functions and p-extremal length이용하Article
2008Asymptotic Dirichlet problem for the Schrödinger operator on negatively curved manifolds이용하Article
2008Energy finite solutions of elliptic equations on Riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2005Rough isometry and p-harmonic boundaries of complete Riemannian manifolds이영하; 이용하Article
2005Asymptotic Dirichlet problem for harmonic maps on negatively curved manifolds이용하Article
2004Polynomial growth harmonic functions on complete Riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2003Valuation ideals of order two in 2-dimensional regular local rings노선숙Article
2001Generalized Liouville property for Schrödinger operator on Riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2001Solutions of a certain nonlinear elliptic equation on Riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2000Valuation ideals of order one in 2-dimensional regular local rings노선숙Article
2015The Influence of Principals' Instructional Leadership on Teachers' Use of Autonomy-Supportive Instruction: An Analysis of Three Asia-Pacific Countries김래영Article
2007Bounded solutions for the Schrodinger operator on Riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2003Rough isometry and energy-finite solutions for the Schrodinger operator on Riemannian manifolds이용하Article
2001A vision for improving mathematics education in the Internet-based society노선숙Article; Proceedings Paper
1998Analysis of a crack approaching a circular hole in cross-ply laminates under biaxial loading권오남Article