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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016Students' use of knowledge resources in environmental interaction on an outdoor learning trail소효정Conference Paper
2016Evaluation of Online Log Variables that Estimate Learners' Time Management in a Korean Online Learning Context조일현Article
2003A Survey of Distance Education Challenges and Technologies정인성Article
2017Students’ expectation, satisfaction, and continuance intention to use digital textbooks주영주Article
2011The impact of ICT use on new millennium learners' educational performance강명희Article
2014Structural relationships among effective factors on e-learners' motivation for skill transfer주영주Article
2017Using log variables in a learning management system to evaluate learning activity using the lens of activity theory조일현; 박연정Article
2012Developing an educational performance indicator for new millennium learners강명희; 조일현Article
2016Factors predicting online university students' use of a mobile learning management system (m-LMS)주영주; 김남희Article
2015Validating a technology enhanced student-centered learning model강명희Article
2015Constructing proxy variables to measure adult learners' time management strategies in LMS조일현Article
2015Development of the learning analytics dashboard to support students’ learning performance조일현; 박연정Article
2014Personal learning environment for education: A review and future directions강명희Conference Paper
2014Educational technology approach toward learning analytics: Relationship between student online behavior and learning performance in higher education조일현Conference Paper
2014Analyzing the log patterns of adult learners in LMS using learning analytics조일현Conference Paper
2013The effects of self-determination on learning outcomes in a blended learning주영주; 임규연Conference Paper
2013Factors affecting teenager cyber delinquency주영주; 임규연Conference Paper
2013The roles of electronic books in the transformation of learning and instruction강명희Conference Paper
2012Factors impacting corporate e-learners' learning flow, satisfaction, and learning persistence주영주Conference Paper
2011Analysis of the structural relationship between presences and organizational support and satisfaction in a cyber university in Korea주영주Conference Paper