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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2003(2 + 1) BTZ black hole and multiply warped product spacetimes홍순태Article
2006A complete solution of a constrained system: SUSY monopole quantum mechanics홍순태Article
2005BRST extension of the Faddeev model홍순태Article
2010BRST invariance and de Rham type cohomology of 't Hooft-Polyakov monopole홍순태Article
2005BRST symmetries in free particle system on toric geometry홍순태Article
2006Can wormholes have negative temperatures?김성원; 홍순태Article
2004Complete higher dimensional global embedding structures of various black holes홍순태Article
2007Dirac quantization of restricted QCD홍순태Article
2006Explicit construction of BRST charge of noncommutative D-brane system홍순태Article
2003Gauge symmetry enhancement in the Hamiltonian formalism홍순태Article
2014Geometrical and hydrodynamic aspects of five-dimensional Schwarzschild black hole홍순태Article
2016Global embeddings and hydrodynamic properties of Kerr black hole홍순태Article
2008Higher dimensional cosmological model with a phantom field홍순태Article
2010Hydrodynamics and global embeddings of Taub-NUT spacetime김성원; 홍순태Article
2006Hydrodynamics and global structure of rotating Schwarzschild black holes김성원; 홍순태Article
2003Improved Hamilton-Jacobi Quantization for a Nonholonomic System홍순태Article
2014Kaluza-Klein mass spectra on extended dimensional branes홍순태Article
2005N = 4 supersymmetric quantum mechanics with magnetic monopole홍순태Article
2003Partition functions and Jacobi fields in the Morse theory홍순태Article
2003Proton strange form factors and SAMPLE experiments홍순태Article
2005Schrödinger representation and symplectic embedding of topological solitons홍순태Article
2006SO(3, 2)/Sp(2) symmetries in BTZ black holes (vol 578, pg 187, 2004)홍순태Correction
2004SO(3,2)/Sp(2) symmetries in BTZ black holes홍순태Article
2015SU(3) group structure of strange flavor hadrons홍순태Article
2007Sum rules for baryon decuplet magnetic moments홍순태Article
2004Sum rules for strange form factors and flavor singlet axial charges홍순태Article
2005Supersymmetric monopole quantum mechanics on a sphere홍순태Article
2006Temperature of wormhole with exotic matter김성원; 홍순태Book Chapter
2004The gauged O(3) sigma model: Schrödinger representation and Hamilton-Jacobi formulation홍순태Article
2005Thermodynamics of (1 + 1) dilatonic black holes in global flat embedding scheme홍순태Article