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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001Least square and nonlinear parameter optimization technics정현주Master's Thesis
2001Mathematical Backgrounds of JPEG Image Compression Method성희종Master's Thesis
2001Associated Primes and Prime Avoidance박정숙Master's Thesis
2001Cryptanalysis of RSA improved with the private key d홍현수Master's Thesis
2001Lattice reduction algorithm and its applications to cryptography성맹희Doctoral Thesis
2001Associated primes and prime avoidance박정숙Master's Thesis
2001Computational methods for splice site prediction using neural network and genetic algorithm김유정Master's Thesis
2001Multiparty key Agreement protocol based on symmetric techniques이주희Master's Thesis
2001Solutions of Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization Problems via Diagonalization유문숙Master's Thesis
2001An Adaptive Generation of Quantization Tables in JPEG Image Compression부선영Master's Thesis
2001Spectral Properties of w-hyponormal Operators손정숙Master's Thesis
2001Study of the maximal function and A_(p)-weights김희진Master's Thesis
2001Primary decomposition of monomial ideals장보금Master's Thesis
2001Quaternion group and its properties윤소희Master's Thesis
2000Monomial orderings in polynomial rings정연숙Master's Thesis
2000On study of the maximal function조유미Master's Thesis
2000Groebner bases and algorithms김소영Master's Thesis
2000Numerical methods for image reconstructionin NMR정소해Master's Thesis
2000Hamiltonian vector field and reduction on Symplectic Manifold최미라Master's Thesis