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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017기능성 향상을 위한 수유 브래지어 개발장미나Master's Thesis
2017Proton NMR Spectroscopic Investigation on Chemically Degraded Nafion문예나Master's Thesis
2017Investigation of Electrochemical Reactions in Direct 2-propanol Fuel Cells by 13C Liquid State NMR Spectroscopy금윤재Master's Thesis
2017국내 음악치료사 대상 조사연구 현황 및 연구 참여자 자격기준 분석나효정Master's Thesis
2017국내 청소년 대상 정서행동관련 변인 중심 음악중재 연구 분석고은진Master's Thesis
2017국내 전문학술지 게재 노래 활용 음악치료 연구 분석임단비Master's Thesis
2017성폭력 사건 보도에서 ‘성적수치심’ 담론에 관한 연구남승현Master's Thesis
2017이성애 연애의 젠더 권력과 20대 고학력 여성의 행위주체성에 대한 연구김다미Master's Thesis
2017《漢園集》의 내용과 형식적 특징 연구김다래Master's Thesis
2017《華音撮要》의 注音에 반영된 中國語 音韻 現象 硏究박현지Master's Thesis
2017짐 자무쉬 영화에 나타난 장르와 도시의 전복성 연구김지승Master's Thesis
2017The Impact of Regulatory Focus and Perceived Organizational Benevolent Climate on Innovative Behaviors of Knowledge WorkersSONG, XUNMaster's Thesis
2017An Analysis of Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Curriculum in Korea and Indonesia based on Anderson TaxonomyCANYDIA LESTARI, I GUSTI AYU SYNTAMaster's Thesis
2017Enhancement and control mechanisms for alliances with multidimensional cross-national distances오유진Doctoral Thesis
2017The association of ovarian reserve with exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in Korean reproductive-aged women전지현Master's Thesis
2017Raman scattering studies of strain effect of suspended molybdenum disulfide(MoS2) on periodical structured substrates문한결Master's Thesis
2017미숙아로 출생한 3세 아동의 수용·표현 어휘력과 빠른 의미 연결 및 비단어 따라말하기 능력최민희Master's Thesis
2017MCP-1 and MIP-3α secreted from necrotic cell-treated glioblastoma cells promote migration/infiltration of microglia정이은Master's Thesis
2017Optimal Investment Decision on Life Annuity, Risky Assets and Human Capital under an OLG Model with Chinese DataWEI, YUDIMaster's Thesis
2017신체상 편견 감소를 위한 마음챙김 개입 효과 검증석미희Master's Thesis