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1 Sustainable Wearables: Wearable Technology for Enhancing the Quality of Human Life

(류한영, MDPI AG, 2016)

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2 Characterization of Volatile components in Makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine, with or without pasteurization, during storage

(김영석; 이상미, 2013)

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3 Modulation of mRNA and lncRNA expression dynamics by the Set2-Rpd3S pathway

(김완규; 김태수, Nature Publishing Group, 2016)

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4 A prospective, multicenter, observational study of long-term decitabine treatment in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome


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5 Thermal Insulation Performance of Metal-exterior Curtain Wall Panel Systems with Thermal Bridges in Winter

(송승영; 임재한, Elsevier Ltd, 2016)

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6 The value of delta neutrophil index in young infants with febrile urinary tract infection

(이정원, Nature Publishing Group, 2017)

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7 Overcoming HSP27-mediated resistance by altered dimerization of HSP27 using small molecules

(권영주; 이윤실, IMPACT JOURNALS LLC, 2016)

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8 Occurrence of both unipolar memory and threshold resistance switching in a NiO film

(김동욱, 2009)

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9 Syndecan-2 mediates adhesion and proliferation of colon carcinoma cells.

(오억수, 2002)

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10 Development of the learning analytics dashboard to support students’ learning performance

(조일현; 박연정, IICM, 2015)

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11 Ginkgo biloba extract (GbE) enhances the anti-atherogenic effect of cilostazol by inhibiting ROS generation

(오구택; 손성근, 2012)

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12 Crystalline and amorphous structures of Ge-Sb-Te nanoparticles

(조윌렴, 2007)

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13 Age-related reduction of antibody response against the human endogenous retrovirus K envelope in women

(김승철; 문병인; 이준우, Impact Journals LLC, 2016)

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14 Identification and Characterization of TRP14, a Thioredoxin-related Protein of 14 kDa: New insights into the specificity of thioredoxin function

(이서구; 이승록; 정우진, 2004)

    다운로드 30
15 Two types of neutrality: Ambivalence versus indifference and political participation

(유성진, 2010)

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16 Measurement of the open-charm contribution to the diffractive proton structure function

(박일흥, 2003)

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17 The components of spatial thinking: Empirical evidence

(이종원, 2011)

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18 North Korean market vendors: The rise of grassroots capitalists in a post-stalinist society


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19 Anxiety and Depression in Tension-Type Headache: A Population-Based Study


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20 Introduction of the in-orbit test and its performance for the first meteorological imager of the Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite


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