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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007A biological sensor platform using a pneumatic-valve controlled microfluidic device containing Tetrahymena pyriformis박성수; 남성원Article
2009A highly selective cyanide sensing in water via fluorescence change and its application to in vivo imaging윤주영; 박성수; 남성원Article
2012A highly selective ratiometric near-infrared fluorescent cyanine sensor for cysteine with remarkable shift and its application in bioimaging윤주영; 박성수; 남성원Article
2008A microfluidic platform for preconcentrating and detecting Cu(II) with a fluorescent chemosensor and Cu(II)-chelating alginate beads윤주영; 박성수; 남성원Article
2010A near-infrared fluorescent sensor for detection of cyanide in aqueous solution and its application for bioimaging윤주영; 박성수; 김진흥; 남성원; Chen XiaoqiangArticle
2012A new rhodamine derivative bearing benzothiazole and thiocarbonyl moieties as a highly selective fluorescent and colorimetric chemodosimeter for Hg 2+윤주영; 박성수; 남성원Article
2009A protozoan-microfluidic platform for efficacy testing of experimental Alzheimer's drugs박성수; 김상태; 남성원Conference Paper
2013C. elegans sensing of and entrainment along obstacles require different neurons at different body locations박성수; 남성원Article
2008Cell motility assay using image-controlled optoelectronic trap박성수; 남성원Conference Paper
2013Dielectrophoresis in a slanted microchannel for separation of microparticles and bacteria.박성수; 남성원Article
2009Fluorescence imaging of the spatial distribution of ferric ions over biofilms formed by streptococcus mutans under microfluidic conditions조경숙; 윤주영; 박성수; 남성원Article
2009N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor-Mediated Chemotaxis and Ca2+ Signaling in Tetrahymena pyriformis정병문; 박성수; 남성원; 김상태Article
2008Nanoscale characterization of Escherichia coli biofilm formed under laminar flow using atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)조윌렴; 박성수; 남성원Article
2009New fluorescent and colorimetric chemosensors bearing rhodamine and binaphthyl groups for the detection of Cu2+윤주영; 박성수; 김관묵; 남성원; Chen XiaoqiangArticle
2011Quantitative measurement of dynamic flow induced by Tetrahymena pyriformis (T. pyriformis) using micro-particle image velocimetry박성수; 남성원Article
2012Salicylimine-based fluorescent chemosensor for aluminum ions and application to bioimaging박성수; 김진흥; 남성원Article
2011Simple fabrication of hydrophilic nanochannels using the chemical bonding between activated ultrathin PDMS layer and cover glass by oxygen plasma박성수; 남성원Article
2007Use of a microvalve-controlled microfluidic device in a chemotaxis assay of Tetrahymena pyriformis in response to amino acids released from bacteria박성수; 남성원Article