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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to examine the changes of a mobile user interface by the emotional influence on the function and usability. I found the reason for its case in the artistic aspect through the art history. In the history of UI (User Interface), the usability has been the key function of UI. Based on usability, the good UI is able to easily find and use the necessary elements and easily obtain the intended result from the element. However, thanks to the technology of semiconductors, digital devices are becoming smaller and lighter, and the development of sensing technology and the appearance of artificial intelligence have changed the role of the UI between users and computers. It has rapidly developed from the time of the universal graphical user interface to the age of natural user interface. The user's interface for the purpose of conversation with the computer changes to a more human and intuitive way of resembling the lifestyle of the person and the purpose of the UI is gradually being shifted from the function center to the emotional center. Furthermore, the NUI (Natural User Interface) is expected to evolve into an OUI (Organic User Interface) that communicates with computers in all its natural state. This reduces the usability of the user interface and maximizes visual sensitivity. By doing so, UI is gradually resembling people and nature. © 2018 SERSC Australia.-
dc.publisherScience and Engineering Research Support Society-
dc.subjectAesthetic UI-
dc.subjectArtistic UI-
dc.subjectEmotional UI-
dc.subjectSegmentation of UI function-
dc.subjectUI De-objectification-
dc.titleA study on the usability reduction of mobile graphic user interface: In comparison with de-functionalization process in art history-
dc.relation.journaltitleInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology-
dc.identifier.scopusid2-s2.0-85043247156- H.-J.- J.-H.-
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