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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Human-AI Co-creation Practice to Reconfigure the Cultural Emotion : Han유현정Conference Paper
2022Illustration Design to Derive Storytelling for the Elderly in South Korea: (Traditional folklore of Heungbu and Nolbu) [국내 노년층의 스토리텔링 도출을 위한 그림 디자인 연구: (흥부와 놀부 전래 동화를 중심으로)]최유미; 성지은; 한지윤Article
2020Reconsideration on concepts and conditions of abstraction and figurativeness of animation최유미Article
2017Children book app as emotional learning media최유미Conference Paper
2017The dynamic identity design of the Korean royal palace through a contemporary reinterpretation최종훈Article
2017Design changes in automobile interface for drivers due to the spread of smart media최종훈; 정수영Article
2018Representation method of warning icons on automobile instrument panel for improving driver's cognitive experience최종훈Article
2018A study on the usability reduction of mobile graphic user interface: In comparison with de-functionalization process in art history최종훈Article
2016A comparative study about style change of modern art and GUI최종훈Article
2016Educational Contents for Kids' App. based on Henri-Matisse's Cut-out works유현정; 홍성욱Conference Paper
2016A study on 3D digital image applying oriental painting techniques최유미Conference Paper
2015The development and application of the augmented reality based steam education program: Based on the inquiry learning model최유미Article
2016Development of convergence design content through animation production - Focusing on the enhancement of core competencies최유미Article