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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Analysis of EMG Electrode Locations Using 3D Body Scanning for Digital Pattern Construction of a Smart EMG Suit김동은Article
2021The roles of sensory perceptions and mental imagery in consumer decision-making박민정Article
2021The effect of repeated laundering on the softness and smoothness of terry-cloth towels using a sound spectrum analysis윤창상Article
2020A study on the development of blouse patterns for obese women in their 20s and 30s김동은Article
2020An exploratory study of fit and size issues with mass customized men's jackets using 3D body scan and virtual try-on technology김동은Article
2020Influence of Drying Conditions on the Wrinkling of Fabrics윤창상Article
2021Development of a superhydrophobic cellulose fabric via enzyme treatment and surface hydrophobization윤창상Article
2021Indexing surface smoothness and fiber softness by sound frequency analysis for textile clustering and classification윤창상Article
2020A comparison on clothing appearance of 2D flat sketch, 3D virtual clothing and real clothing-based on the evaluation of Chinese in their 20s and 30s-김동은Article
2020Study of King Gojong's costumes in his excursion on a royal carriage,-Focused on the "Dongga painting of the Korean empire"-홍나영Article
2020Approaching fashion design trend applications using text mining and semantic network analysis박민정; 안효선Article
2020Body shape classification of Korean middle-aged women using 3D anthropometry김동은Article
2019A case study on the recommendation services for customized fashion styles based on artificial intelligence [인공지능에 의한 개인 맞춤 패션 스타일 추천 서비스 사례 연구]박민정Article
2019Hand sizing study for development of firefighting gloves [소방공무원의 장갑제작을 위한 손 치수 연구]김동은Article
2019The effects of experiential factors of virtual reality (VR) store on perceived information, satisfaction and revisit intention [가상현실 점포의 체험요소가 소비자의 지각된 정보의 양, 고객만족 및 재방문의도에 미치는 영향]박민정Article
-Prediction and categorization of fabric drapability for 3D garment virtualization윤창상Article; Early Access
2015The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer II: under various physical washing conditions윤창상Article
2015Post-consumer Energy Consumption of Textile Products During 'Use' Phase of the Lifecycle윤창상Article
2015Comparison of environmental and economic impacts caused by the washing machine operation of various regions윤창상Article
2016The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer III: Focus on the optimized movement algorithm윤창상Article