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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Conceptual framework of hybrid style in fashion image datasets for machine learning박민정Article
2023Development of digitized evaluation methods for fabric shrinkage and damage using image analysis윤창상Article
2023The development of dress forms in standing and sitting postures using 3D body scanning and printing김동은Article
2023The application of 3D printing technology for developing a lumbar support garment for obese women김동은Article
2023Virtual influencers? attractiveness effect on purchase intention: A moderated mediation model of the Product-Endorser fit with the brand박민정Article
2021Sportive Fashion Trend Reports: A Hybrid Style Analysis Based on Deep Learning Techniques안효선Article
2023Immersive interactive technologies and virtual shopping experiences: Differences in consumer perceptions between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)박민정Article
2022Study on the Desorption of Isovaleric Acid in Garments윤창상Article
2022Effect of Fabric Characteristics and Drum Rotation Speeds on the Movements and Drying Performances of Clothes in a Tumble Dryer윤창상Article
2022The Effects of Perceived Quality of Fashion Chatbot’s Product Recommendation Service on Perceived Usefulness, Trust and Consumer Response박민정Article
2022A Study of the Era and Background of Embroidered Kasaya, Designated as a Treasure in South Korea홍나영Article
2022Cause of microfibers found in the domestic washing process of clothing; focusing on the manufacturing, wearing, and washing processes윤창상Article
2022Effects of Maintenance and Wear on the Electrical Resistance of Silver-Based Conductive Textiles윤창상Article
2022Analyzing genderless fashion trends of consumers’ perceptions on social media: using unstructured big data analysis through Latent Dirichlet Allocation-based topic modeling박민정; 조인호Article
2021A Study on the Design Characteristics of Athleisure Look in Image-based SNS [이미지 기반 SNS에 나타난 애슬레저 룩의 디자인 특성 연구]박민정Article
2021Consumer decision-making in a retail store: the role of mental imagery and gender difference박민정Article
2021How interactivity and vividness influence consumer virtual reality shopping experience: the mediating role of telepresence박민정Article
2021Analysis of EMG Electrode Locations Using 3D Body Scanning for Digital Pattern Construction of a Smart EMG Suit김동은Article
2021The roles of sensory perceptions and mental imagery in consumer decision-making박민정Article
2022The effect of repeated laundering on the softness and smoothness of terry-cloth towels using a sound spectrum analysis윤창상Article