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My Dream! Flight attendant!

My Dream! Flight attendant!
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외국어교육특수대학원 TESOL학과
이화여자대학교 외국어교육특수대학원
Warren Euwon Chung
Being a member of an airline cabin crew is associated with a high salary, flexible work schedule, stylish uniforms, opportunities to meet people from diverse cultures, and chances to visit many countries. As a result, a flight attendant is the most popular job for Korean females. This fervor leads them to private academies to prepare them for this career. The flight attendant training institutes (FATI) prepared their own curriculums for the student. An unchangeable component of the curriculum is a required course that helps applicants to pass the English interview. English proficiency is required for employment with international airlines not only because crew members have to interact with passengers and coworkers from all over the world, but also because more people than ever are applying the international airline companies that offer more flexible work environment and schedules. Thus, the flight attendant training, especially for international airline education system, focused on how to pass the English interview. As I mentioned earlier, many Korean women want to be a flight attendant because of its advantage. However, many FATI's English interview class does not offer a chance to speak. The international airline English interview class is solely focused on passing the interview. Of course, there are some benefits. It may save their time and helpful for the student to memorize their mechanical answers. However, the international airlines are not looking for a mechanical person. To pass the international airline interview, it takes fluent speaking ability, but also requires honesty. In other words, interviewee's answer should not be an artificial answer. To prevent this from happening, the interviewee has to organize their think and create sympathetic answer. However, many FATI's English interview programs do not offer solutions to these problems. Therefore, my portfolio must be focused on English interview and ready to organize Student’s think and share a personal experience at the same time. Keep this required process in mind, the purpose of my portfolio is to improve oral communication skills for the students who want to apply for the international airlines and develop critical thinking ability to prepare the interview. This is very important for two main reasons. First, the colleagues and passengers in the international airlines are people from all around the world. For this reason, to work in the international airlines requires fluent English speaking ability. The flight attendant must work as a team. Based on a good teamwork, they can offer a high quality of service. But if one cannot communicate with their coworkers (in English) on the plane, it inflicts a significant loss of a cabin crew's career. And as I mentioned earlier, the airlines are looking for a person who has natural and rapid and appropriate response to sometimes embarrassing situations. Critical thinking will provide a chance to create thinking ability. As a result, the students can answer the questions more naturally.
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