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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Holidays Around the World조예빈Master's Thesis
2024Engage, Explore, Excel: English and STEM Adventures in Elementary최예린Master's Thesis
2024Bridging the GapLai, Song LingMaster's Thesis
2024Improving Communicative Competence with a Netflix Drama, “Sweet Magnolias”임수경Master's Thesis
2024Learn How to Live in a Society with Reading “Maisy Series”구지회Master's Thesis
2024Business English for Everyone이재원Master's Thesis
2024STOP Pollution to Save Our Planet김다래Master's Thesis
2024Combining ER and IR for Elementary Students고은지Master's Thesis
2023Critical Literacy김은영Master's Thesis
2023Reading Classics for Pleasure전한나Master's Thesis
2023Learning English with the Musical Annie through Communicative Language Teaching and Theme Based Instruction for Korean Elementary StudentsSeo, YoonJuMaster's Thesis
2023I Can Read김경민Master's Thesis
2023Learning English through story books with engaging activities for young EFL learners추수연Master's Thesis
2023Hands-on임수지Master's Thesis
2023From Words to World김혜미Master's Thesis
2023Learning English as Anthony Browne Books for Young Readers.강보연Master's Thesis
2023Making Reading Class Fun with “Magic Tree House” Series박은비Master's Thesis
2022Interactive Read Aloud Textbook for Young Learners임수진Master's Thesis
2022The Use of Children’s Books to Teach English and Important Life LessonsLIM JANE MOONMaster's Thesis
2022The Korean Tiger and the Bald Eagle임다래Master's Thesis