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발레 2번 자세 점프 시 발 형태에 따른 지면반력의 차이

발레 2번 자세 점프 시 발 형태에 따른 지면반력의 차이
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The Analysis of Vertical Ground Reaction Force During the Ballet Second Position Jump According to Foot Types
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to analyze the vertical ground reaction force during the ballet second jump according to foot types. METHODS Subjects were 29 female dancers(mean age: 24.6±4.52yrs: mean mass: 50.58±8.Kg: mean height: 163.52.± 5.01cm: mean Experience:13.26± 4.5) with more than 5 years of experience in ballet and modern dance. The independent variable was foot type (pes rectus:±2o; pes planus:<-3o; pes cavus<+3o) and the dependent variables were vertical ground reaction force elements such as time, impact, passive loading rate, passive impulse, active impulse, active loading rate, active decay rate and center of pressure trajectory. The Kistler 9281B was used to measure ground reaction force variables. In addition the Metronom was used to control jumping speed at 85BPM. One way the ANOVA was used was to test differences between the three foot types and LSD for post - hoc via SPSS 18.0 RESULTS A. Three foot types according to RCSP 1. Out of the 58 feet examined in the study, 5.17% were pes cavas, 63.79% pes rectus and 31.03%pes planus. B. The differences between the ground reaction force variables according to the foot types during the landing phase were as follows. 1. There were no significant differences between time difference, first passive force max, first passive loading rate ,first passive integral, active decay rate and active integral according to foot types. 2. Active max force The active max force was significantly less for the pes planus(2.37± .540) than the pes cavus(3.72± 618), pes rectus(3.07 ± .836);(F=7.171, P<.002). 3.Active loading rate The active loading rate was significantly less for the pes planus(30.93± 10.50) than the pes cavus(46.65± 18.83);(F=2.527,
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