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dc.description.abstractThe hollow AuPd nanoshells (hAuPd) were synthesized via a two-step galvanic replacement reaction (GRR) using the Co nanoparticles (Co NP) as a template. The hollow Au nanoshells (hAu) were prepared via GRR between Co NP and Au precursor. Again, hAus were galvanically exchanged with various concentrations of Pd precursor (0.1, 1, and 10 mM), which are denoted as hAuPd_(0.06), hAuPd_(0.28) and hAuPd_(0.74), respectively according to EDS results. The structure and morphology of hAuPd were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction pattern (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and UV-vis spectroscopy. The rotating disk electrode (RDE) experiments at hAuPd_(0.28) modified on glassy carbon electrodes in alkaline media showed enhanced performance of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) compared to commercial Pt. Cyclic voltammetry (CV) was also performed for the ethanol oxidation in alkaline media to confirm a possibility of application to direct alcohol fuel cell (DAFC). The amperometric H_(2)O_(2) oxidation/reduction was conducted at physiological pH (7.40) and showed the high catalytic activity at hAuPd_(0.28). Furthermore, the interference of other species (i. e. dissolved oxygen, glucose, ascorbic acid, acetamidophenol, uric acid, and dopamine) in physiological condition was completely blocked.;본 논문에서는 속이 빈 구 모형의 금-팔라듐 나노껍질 (hollow AuPd nanoshells, hAuPd)을 이용하여, 다양한 전기화학적 특성을 연구하였다. hAuPd는 두 단계의 갈바니 치환 반응(galvanic replacement reaction, GRR)을 통해 합성하였다. 먼저, 코발트 나노파티클과 금 전구체와의 자발적인 GRR을 통해 속이 빈 구 모형의 금 나노껍질(hollow Au nanoshells, hAu)을 합성하였다. hAu에 팔라듐 전구체를 주입하여 두 번째 GRR을 발생시켜 hAuPd를 합성하였다. 이 때, 다양한 농도의 팔라듐 전구체를 주입하여 금과 팔라듐의 비율이 다른 세 가지 hAuPd(hAuPd_(0.06), hAuPd_(0.28), hAuPd_(0.74))를 합성하였다. hAu와 hAuPd의 구조와 표면의 특징은 전자주사현미경(scanning electron microscopy, SEM), 투과전자현미경(transmission electron microscopy, TEM), X선 회절(X-ray diffraction, XRD), X선 광전자 분광법(X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, XPS), 자외선-가시광선 분광법(UV-Vis spectroscopy)을 사용하여 확인하였다. hAuPd는 연료 전지 환원 전극에서 발생하는 산소환원반응(oxygen reduction reaction, ORR)에 사용하는 비백금 촉매로 연구되었다. 원판회전전극(rotating disk electrode, RDE) 실험을 통해, 사용화된 Pt/C 촉매보다 ORR 활성이 뛰어남을 확인하였다. 또한, 순환전압전류법(cyclic voltammetry, CV)을 이용하여 직접 에탄올 연료전지(direct ethanol fuel cell, DEFC)의 산화전극 촉매로서의 가능성을 확인하였다. 또한, hAuPd를 무효소 전류 측정방식의 과산화수소(H_(2)O_(2))센서에 응용하였다. hAuPd는 과산화수소의 산화/환원 반응에서 좋은 감응을 나타내었으며, 방해종(생체 내 용존 산소, 포도당, 아세타미도페놀, 아스코르빈산, 요산, 도파민)의 영향을 받지 않았다.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. Introduction 1 II. Experimental 3 II-1. Materials 3 II-2. Preparation of hAu and hAuPd Nanoshells 4 II-3. Electrocatalyst characterization 5 II-4. Electrochemical measurements 5 III. Result and Discussion 7 III-1. Synthesis and characterization of hAuPd 7 III-2. Electrocatalytic activities for ORR 19 III-3. Ethanol oxidation at the hAuPd_(0.28) catalysts 28 III-4. H_(2)O_(2) sensing at the hAuPd_(0.28) catalysts 30 IV. Conclusion 35 V. References 36 국문초록 41 감사의 글 43-
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dc.titleSynthesis of Hollow AuPd Nanoshells and Their Electrocatalytic Properties-
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dc.title.translatedHollow AuPd Nanoshell의 전기촉매적 특성-
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dc.identifier.major대학원 화학·나노과학과- 2-
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