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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Development of Organic Fluorescent Materials for Bioimaging and Photodynamic Therapy조문연Master's Thesis
2021Thiocarbonyl-based organic materials허선예Master's Thesis
2021Development of Fluorescent Probes for Imaging Biomolecules and Photodynamic Therapy정지원Master's Thesis
2021Fluorescent Materials for Photodynamic Therapy and Imaging Reducing Species and Tumor김다예Master's Thesis
2019Generation of Novel Aminoglycoside Antibiotics by Enzymatic Synthesis김희진Master's Thesis
2019Hierarchical Self-Assembly of P3HT-b-PEG and Nanoparticles at the Air-Water Interface정성희Master's Thesis
2024Natural Products from Brevibacterium sp. VSVD-004 and Streptomyces sp. LMA-171조영림Master's Thesis
2024Enhancing Reproducibility in Organic Solar Cells김현경Master's Thesis
2024Dual Pd/Ru-Catalyzed Tandem One-Pot Construction of Spiro-Cycloalkenylated N-Heterocycles김주리Master's Thesis
2023Photoinduced Charge Carrier Dynamics of Organic/Inorganic Semiconductors using Flash-Photolysis Time-resolved Microwave Conductivity박유민Master's Thesis
2023Excited-state Dynamics of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Crystalline Cubes using Transient Absorption Spectroscopy and Time-resolved Fluorescence이민희Master's Thesis
2023Structural and biochemical characterization of DltC전한울Master's Thesis
2023Catalytic Water Oxidation with Cobalt and Copper Complexes홍승희Master's Thesis
2023Dye-assisted Transmittance Enhancement of Mie Resonator Based Optical Nanofilters이현지Master's Thesis
2023Chiral Perovskite Emission in BCP-Templated Multidimensional Self-Assembly김지원Master's Thesis
2023The Carbonyl Borate Compounds Binding Selectively to Human Serum Albumin by Forming BODIPY-like Fluorophore윤혜령Master's Thesis
2023Oxygen-Vacancy Rich IrxMo1−xOy Nanofibers for Oxygen Evolution Reaction안성화Master's Thesis
2022Photoinduced Reversible Switching between Mie Scatterer and Absorber Enabled by Plasmonics황세영Master's Thesis
2020Stimuli-responsive Mie Resonant Structural Colors with Titania Microspheres장한솔Master's Thesis
2021Photocatalytic Activities of Metal Nanoparticles for Renewable Energy Sources장예진Master's Thesis