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dc.contributor.advisorWarren Euwon Chung-
dc.description석사학위를 수여받기 위해 제출된 포트폴리오임;☞ 이 논문은 저자가 원문공개에 동의하지 않은 논문으로, 도서관 내에서만 열람이 가능하며, 인쇄 및 저장은 불가합니다.-
dc.description.abstractIn Korea, students have learned English for over ten years in the public education system. Even though they have learned English for such a long time, it is not easy for many of them to communicate with others fluently. One of the main reasons may be the college entrance exam. The Korea-SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is mainly focused on testing students’ reading and listening skills and it is difficult for them to have chances to learn speaking and writing skills. Therefore, many parents and students may have depended on private institutes or tutoring. Therefore, this book is designed to provide language learners with one way for learning English as L2 through reading storybooks and doing activities combining the four macro skills. This text book is designed for 8 to 9 year old first or second grade elementary school students whose L1 is Korean. This textbook can be used as an afterschool program in public schools or a textbook in private tutoring that are seeking for communicative language learning program. The proficiency level of the target students is mid-high novice level according to the ACTFL guidelines. Instructions for speaking and writing tasks must be given with modeling.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsA. Plan 1 B. Outline 6 C. Textbook 11 D. Teacher’s manual 54 References 70-
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dc.publisher이화여자대학교 외국어교육특수대학원-
dc.titleHave Fun & Learn-
dc.typeMaster's Thesis-
dc.title.subtitleTeaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Through Storybooks-
dc.creator.othernameDo, Hyun Jin-
dc.format.page76 p.-
dc.contributor.examinerLaura Eunae Park-
dc.contributor.examinerCandice A. MacDonald-
dc.contributor.examinerWarren Euwon Chung-
dc.identifier.major외국어교육특수대학원 TESOL학과- 2-
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