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dc.description.abstractThis investigation was proceeded to define the cause of effects of gibberellic acid on the growth of chiorella by determining the contents of chlorophyll and changes in various component materials in chiorella cells according to the concentration of treated-GA. The growth of chiorella was accelerated in relative low concentrations of GA (10, 40 ppm) and was restrained in relative high concentrations of GA (70, 100, 200 ppm). The synthetic ability of chlorophyll was impeded generally in proportion to the concentration of treated-GA and in the restoration was needed shorter period, lower concentration of treated-GA. The contents of RNA, protein and soluble carbohydrate were increased and POA soluble amino acid and polysacchride were decreased in all the GA-treated groups than in the control group. But there was not any remarkable difference between the accelerated and restrained group. Consequently, the effect on accelerated growth in relative low concentrations of GA is considered to be caused by the effect on expansion growth of GA. And the effect on restrained growth in relative high concentrations of GA is considered to be caused by the effect on impeding synthetic ability of chlorophyll in chlorella of GA.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsABSTRACT Ⅰ. 緖論 = 1 Ⅱ. 材料 및 方法 = 3 Ⅲ. 實驗結果 = 7 Ⅳ. 考察 및 結論 = 21 Ⅴ. 摘要 = 25 Ⅵ. REFERENCES = 27-
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dc.subjectGilberellic acid-
dc.titleGilberellic Acid의 처리농도에 따른 Chlorella 생장의 촉진 및 억제효과의 해석-
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