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의복구매동기에 따른 점포이미지 선호도에 관한 연구

의복구매동기에 따른 점포이미지 선호도에 관한 연구
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(A) Study on Store Image Preferences which is Followed by Clothing Buying Motives : As Object of Middle Age Women
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대학원 의류직물학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
본 연구의 목적은 의복구매동기를 기준으로 구매자집단을 분류하고 구매자집단에 따라 점포이미지속성의 중요도와 점포이미지 구성요소에 대한 구체적인 선호도를 살펴봄으로써 의류점포의 점포이미지전략에 도움을 주는 자료를 제시하고자 하는 것이다. 본 연구의 구체적인 목적은 다음과 같다. 첫째, 의복구매동기에 따라 구매자집단을 분류한다. 둘째, 개인적 환경변인별, 구매자집단별 점포이미지 선호도를 분석한다. 세째, 구매자집단에 따른 점포이미지전략의 방향을 비교 분석한다. 연구대상은 서울시내에 거주하는 중상층 중년여성 413명이며, 표본추출은 거주지를 고려하여 편의 추출하였다. 연구방법은 의복구매동기와 점포이미지에 대한 문헌과 선행연구를 근거로 본 연구자가 작성한 설문지를 사용하였다. 자료분석은 cronbach'α, 빈도, 백분율, 평균, X^(2)-test, t-test, F-test(ANOVA), Duncan Multiple Range Test, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis 등을 실시하였다. 자료분석결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 구매자집단을 분류하기 위하여 집단분류분석을 한 결과 유행추구집단, 자기과시집단, 경제실리집단, 무개성집단으로 분류하는 것이 유의한 것으로 나타났다. 2. 중년여성이 중요시하는 점포이미지속성은 품질, 가격, 서어비스의 순서인 것으로 나타났다. 또한 구매자집단간 점포이미지속성의 중요도 비교결과 가격, 구색, 유행성, 서어비스, 거리의 근접성, 주차시설, 분위기 등에 있어서 의미있는 차이가 나타났다. 3. 점포이미지 선호도는 구매자집단간에 품질과 가격, 유행성, 상품구성력, 판매원의 인상, 판매원의 나이, 반품교환용이성, 신용판매, 배달·수선, 버스·전철이용 편리성, 광고물이나 할인쿠폰의 우송, 출입문형태, 점포 내 밝기 등에 있어서 유의적인 것으로 나타났다.;This Study intends to provide a beneficial foundation which can aid our understanding of how a clothing consumer group can be classified according to the motif of the clothing purchasing, and what differences are there about the importances of store image attribute among them and how consumer's preferences to the store image are shown differently among them and ultimately, some concrete data which can be useful in establishing efficient store image strategies for clothing stores. For this purpose, first, consumers are divided into subdivisions in terms of their clothing purchasing motif, second, it is shown that what is more important factors in store image attribute and their preferences to store images among each consumers group. Finally, the directions of store image strategies are compared and analyzied by each consumers group. Subjects of this study were gathered into middle aged women, who were dewelling in Seoul city and were in the middle class. Convenience sampling was done regarding the consumers residence. As measurement-implement, questionnaire written by this investigator, and some documents on clothing purchasing motif and store image and precedence study were used. And, for analyses of data, cronbach'α, drequency, pecentage, average, X^(2)-test, t-test, ANOVA, Duncan Multiple Range Test, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis were conducted. Results of data analysis are as following; 1. Three kind of factors in a clothing purchasing motif were determined for analyses of consumers group and by which it was revealed as to be significant for us to classify them four subdivisions; those of fashion pursuit group, self display group, financial utilitarian group, undividual group. 2. In case of the importance on store image attribute it was revealed then the middle aged women regarded quality, price, service in order as more important factors than others and compared with the importances of the store image attribute among each consumer groups, singnificant differences are in price, fashion, service, closeness to purchasing place, parking facilities, atmosphere. 3. Store image preferences show significantly when concerned with quality, price, fashion, impression and age of store personnel, convenience for exchanging and returning goods, delivery and repair, convenience of use of bus and subway, mailing of catalogue and discount coupon, exit form, brightness of store among consumer groups.
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