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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Images of Tigers in Late Choson Stories: In Relation to the Ecological Crisis of Choson Tigers김경미Article
2020Surrogate mother, the modest witness of new reproductive technology: Understanding technobiopower in the posthuman era김애령Article
2020The Poet's Ethics and Persona as Practitioner: The Korean Poetic Response to Colonialism in the 1930s김진희Article
2014Distributed Cognition in Scientific Contexts천현득Article
2014Meta-incommensurability Revisited천현득Article
2014In What Sense Is Scientific Knowledge Collective Knowledge?천현득Article
2019Socially skilling toil: New artisanship in papermaking in late Choson Korea이정Article
2019Nothing at Stake in Knowledge*천현득Article
2017Woman, body, and posthumanism: Lee Bul’s cyborgs and monsters전혜숙Article
2017Transindividual-transversal subjectivity for the Posthuman society김재희Article
2017Behavioral Circumscription and the Folk Psychology of Belief: A Study in Ethno-Mentalizing천현득Article
2014Le concept de plateau chez Deleuze et Guattari: Ses implications epistemologique et ethique이찬웅Article
2014Voltaire's view of Confucius송태현Article
2012The understanding of Yun Dong-ju in three east Asian countries김진희Article
2012Resisting the power of the gendered gaze: Metonymic self-description through digital photography김애령Article
2010Surfing the skin: Images of brides as the sexualized other in cross-border marriages이수안Article
2009The invariants of aesthetics in the cinema of Kim Ki-duk: space, silence, bodies, fantasy김수환Article