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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023[RhCp*Cl2]2-Catalyzed Indole Functionalization: Synthesis of Bioinspired Indole-Fused PolycyclesAkhilesh KumarReview
2023Aspects of luminescence nanoprobes for thermometry: Progress and outlookMadhumita PatelArticle
2023Molecular docking and dynamic simulations of 2-phenoxyaniline and quantum computational, spectroscopic, DFT/TDDFT investigation of electronic states in various solventsAkhilesh KumarArticle
2023Design, Synthesis, and Applications of a Vanadium Complex: An Effective Catalyst for the Direct Conversion of Alcohols and Aldehydes to EstersAkhilesh KumarArticle
2023Tubular nanomaterials for bone tissue engineeringMadhumita PatelReview
2023Electrospinning Nanofibers as a Dressing to Treat Diabetic WoundsMadhumita PatelReview
2023Magnetic properties and pH-controlled reversible interconversion of µ-oxido into µ-hydroxido in oxo-carboxylato bridged iron(III) dimers: Theoretical and experimental insightsAkhilesh KumarArticle
2023Experimental and theoretical magnetostructural studies on discrete heterometallic cyanide-bridged dinuclear FeIIIMnII and tetranuclear FeIII2CuII2 complexes bearing tripodal pyrazolyl borate and tetradentate phenolate-based ligandsAkhilesh KumarArticle
2023Chitosan Based Biodegradable Composite for Antibacterial Food Packaging ApplicationMadhumita PatelReview
2023Antibacterial and biodegradable food packaging film from bacterial celluloseMadhumita PatelReview
2020Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Immature Sword Bean Pod (Canavalia gladiata) in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced RAW264.7 Cells송명종Article
2019Author Correction: Complete reconstitution of the diverse pathways of gentamicin B biosynthesis (Nature Chemical Biology, (2019), 15, 3, (295-303), 10.1038/s41589-018-0203-4)송명종; 차선신; 반연희Erratum
2007Synthesis, antimicrobial activities and cytogenetic studies of newer diazepino quinoline derivatives via Vilsmeier-Haack reactionRAJU NANDHAKUMARArticle
2004Acrylamide-grafted-acacia gum polymer matrix tablets as erosion-controlled drug delivery systemsUdaya S. TotiArticle
2010An unprecedented rhodamine-based fluorescent and colorimetric chemosensor for Fe3+ in aqueous mediaRAJU NANDHAKUMARArticle
2010Enhanced prodiginines production in Streptomyces coelicolor M511 by stress of acidic pH shock모상준Article
2009A novel extracellular phospholipase C purified from a marine bacterium, Pseudoalteromonas sp. J937모상준Article
2008Dibromido(dimethyl sulfoxide-κO)(1,10-phenanthroline- κ2 N,N′)copper(II)이용민Article
2007Polarization-dependent carrier dynamics in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers for all-optical-wavelength converters이종구Article
2009Enzymatic Properties of an Extracellular Phospholipase C Purified from a Marine Streptomycete모상준Article