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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Immature Sword Bean Pod (Canavalia gladiata) in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced RAW264.7 Cells송명종Article
2019Author Correction: Complete reconstitution of the diverse pathways of gentamicin B biosynthesis (Nature Chemical Biology, (2019), 15, 3, (295-303), 10.1038/s41589-018-0203-4)송명종; 차선신; 반연희Erratum
2007Synthesis, antimicrobial activities and cytogenetic studies of newer diazepino quinoline derivatives via Vilsmeier-Haack reactionRaju NandhakumarArticle
2004Acrylamide-grafted-acacia gum polymer matrix tablets as erosion-controlled drug delivery systemsUdaya S. TotiArticle
2010An unprecedented rhodamine-based fluorescent and colorimetric chemosensor for Fe3+ in aqueous mediaRaju NandhakumarArticle
2010Enhanced prodiginines production in Streptomyces coelicolor M511 by stress of acidic pH shock모상준Article
2009A novel extracellular phospholipase C purified from a marine bacterium, Pseudoalteromonas sp. J937모상준Article
2008Dibromido(dimethyl sulfoxide-κO)(1,10-phenanthroline- κ2 N,N′)copper(II)이용민Article
2007Polarization-dependent carrier dynamics in quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers for all-optical-wavelength converters이종구Article
2009Enzymatic Properties of an Extracellular Phospholipase C Purified from a Marine Streptomycete모상준Article
2012Production of a conjugated fatty acid by Bifidobacterium breve LMC520 from α-linolenic acid: Conjugated linolenic acid (CLnA)송명종Article
2006Effect of pressure cooking on aflatoxin B1 in rice박제원Article
2006Intra-pulse quantum spectral structure of ultrafast optical pulses in a self-defocusing semiconductor waveguide이종구Article
2013SnO2-RuO2 composite films by chemical deposition for supercapacitor applicationGunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2013The Y5-xMg24+x(1.08(4)≤x≤1.30(1)) series and a ternary derivative Ce6.9Y12.5(7)Mg92.2: A comparison of their crystal and electronic structures한미경Article in Press
2016Phytochemical constituents from the florets of tiger grass Thysanolaena latifolia from Nepal송명종Article
2015New Flavonolignan Glycosides from the Aerial Parts of Zizania latifolia송명종Article
2006Selective patterning of functional biomolecules using a new water-permeable hybrid stamp이내윤Meeting Abstract