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2019Sensors, Imaging Agents, and Theranostics to Help Understand and Treat Reactive Oxygen Species Related Diseases윤주영Review
2021Recent developments of BODIPY-based colorimetric and fluorescent probes for the detection of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species and cancer diagnosis윤주영; Nguyen Van NghiaReview
2020Dehydrocostus lactone inhibits NFATc1 via regulation of IKK, JNK, and Nrf2, thereby attenuating osteoclastogenesis정우진; 이공락Article
2021Redox-responsive nanoparticles self-assembled from porphyrin-betulinic acid conjugates for chemo- and photodynamic therapy윤주영Article
2010Caspase-dependent generation of reactive oxygen species in human astrocytoma cells contributes to resistance to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis강상원Article
2007Reactive oxygen species mediate IAA-induced ethylene production in mungbean (Vigna radiata L) hypocotyls이준승; 배윤수; 남경희; 주정희Article
2022CYLD destabilizes NoxO1 protein by promoting ubiquitination and regulates prostate cancer progression배윤수Article
2022Nox4-IGF2 Axis Promotes Differentiation of Embryoid Body Cells Into Derivatives of the Three Embryonic Germ Layers이상혁; 배윤수; 김재상Article
2023Libertellenone T, a Novel Compound Isolated from Endolichenic Fungus, Induces G2/M Phase Arrest, Apoptosis, and Autophagy by Activating the ROS/JNK Pathway in Colorectal Cancer Cells남상집Article
2019Oxidative activation of type III CD38 by NADPH oxidase-derived hydrogen peroxide in Ca2+ signaling배윤수Article