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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Prosthetics, Medicine, and Disability in Modern America: The Case of the A. A. Marks Artificial Limb Company이현주Article
2022A Geopolitical Study on the New Provincial Hospital during the Period of Governor-General Saito이방원Article
2022Dr. James Smith's Dream of Eradicating Smallpox and the National Vaccine Institution이현주Article
2022Another Tradition of Chinese Medical Knowledge Dissemination: The Characteristics and Significance of the 'Zhiguai Medical Cases' of the Song Period최해별Article
2021Misunderstandings of the transmission of the Black Death to Western Europe : a critical review of De Mussis's accounts남종국Review
2021The San Francisco Peace Treaty and Territorial Issues: Information Pamphlets on Territorial Issues: Information Pamphlets on Territorial Issues from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Their Impact정병준Article
2020A Historiographical Review of the History of Western Medicine, 2011-2020 The Diversification of Subject Matter and the Search for a New Methodology이현주Article
2020Rethinking the History of Smallpox in the Early Twentieth Century: The SS Korea and Uncertainty Surrounding the Diagnosis of Smallpox이현주Article
2019Different Versions of Romance: Recent Studies on Sino-Russian Relations노경덕Review
2018Knowledge transmission of medical prescription and the role of the literati officials from the Song Dynasty: Focusing on Huadupainongneibusan최해별Review
2017Political migration of Korean activists through Czechoslovakia in the post-world war II period정병준; Vladimir HlasnyReview
2016Social Perception of Infertility and Its Treatment in Late Medieval Italy: Margherita Datini, an Italian Merchant's Wife남종국Article
2011The Management of Nurses' Training School of PO KU NYO KWAN (1903 similar to 1933)이방원Article
2014Medieval European medicine and Asian spices남종국Article
2011[The management of nurses' training school of PO KU NYO KWAN (1903~1933)].이방원Article
2007Life and medical missionary activities of Esther K. Pak (1877-1910)이방원Article
2015A 350-year history of a Chungin family line interwoven with genealogical records and oral history정병준Review
2008Establishment and activity of PoKuNyoKwan이방원Article
2014Wellington chung: Child of the Korean independence movement crushed by cold war regimes정병준; Vladimir HlasnyArticle
2008Buddhist Faith and Conceptions of the Afterlife in Koryo김영미Article