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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Iatrogenic pneumomediastinum with extensive subcutaneous emphysema after endodontic treatment: report of 2 cases김명래; 김선종; 김예미Article
2014Iatrogenic rectal diverticulum with pelvic-floor dysfunction in patients after a procedure for a prolapsed hemorrhoid정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 정순섭Article
2009Ictal SPECT using an attachable automated injector: Clinical usefulness in the prediction of ictal onset zone김범산Article
2009Identification and characterization of a human CD5+ pre-naive B cell population이지수Article
2009Identification and characterization of novel polymorphisms in the basal promoter of the human transporter, MATE1최지하Article
2005Identification and functional analysis of cystathionine beta-synthase gene mutations in patients with homocystinuria정성철; 박주원Article
2014Identification and functional characterization of novel genetic variations in the OCTN1 promoter최지하Article
2013Identification and functional characterization of novel MATE1 genetic variations in Koreans최지하Article
2017Identification and Functional Characterization of ST3GAL5 and ST8SIA1 Variants in Patients with Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy최윤희; 최지하Article
2015Identification of a safe and adequate division point of the left-sided bile duct with magnetic resonance cholangiography during donor left lateral sectionectomy홍근Article
2011Identification of arrestin-3-specific residues necessary for JNK3 activation서정원Meeting Abstract
2013Identification of asthma clusters in two independent Korean adult asthma cohorts조영주Article
2019Identification of Dietary Patterns Related to Metabolic Diseases and Their Association with Cardiovascular Disease: From the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study박혜숙; 이혜아Article
2017Identification of distinctive clinical significance in hospitalized patients with endoscopic duodenal mucosal lesions정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김성은; 박상희; 문창모Article
2009Identification of genes with differential expression in chemoresistant epithelial ovarian cancer using high-density oligonucleotide microarrays김승철; 주웅Article
2000Identification of ider(17q) in addition to t(15;17) in acute promyelocytic leukemia using whole chromosome painting probes made by interspecies hybrid using inter-alu PCR이순남; 이미애; 정화순; 성주명; 유은선; 허정원Short Survey
2013Identification of KCNN2 as a susceptibility locus for coronary artery aneurysms in Kawasaki disease using genome-wide association analysis홍영미Article
2006Identification of large-scale molecular changes 1 of Autotaxin(ENPP2) knock-down by small interfering RNA in breast cancer cells이시내Article
2010Identification of natural pneumococcal isolates expressing serotype 6D by genetic, biochemical and serological characterization김경효Article
2018Identification of Novel Functional Variants of SIN3A and SRSF1 among Somatic Variants in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients김형래Article