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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021Text mining as a tool for real-time technology assessment: Application to the cross-national comparative study on artificial organ technology윤호영Article
2020Exploring the power of multimodal features for predicting the popularity of social media image in a tourist destination유승철Article
2021Cross-Cutting Scanning, Integrating, and Interacting: Dimensions of Cross-Cutting Exposure on Social Media and Political Participation최지향Article
2021The intervention effect of a nursing-media studies convergence problem-based learning (PBL) program to improve nurses' public image: Changed perceptions of program participants and students attended a PBL presentation유승철Article
2020Do websites contain factors to aid older adults’ adoption of health-related information and communication technology?안순태Article
2020Perceived Benefits of and Barriers to Disclosure of Depressive Feelings: An Exploratory Study Using Semantic Network Analysis안순태Article
2020Cultural Differences in Reactions to Suicidal Ideation: A Mixed Methods Comparison of Korea and Australia안순태Article
2020Big Data Analyses of Korea's Nation Branding on Google and Facebook차희원Article
2021Young Women’s Sex Talk Online: Roles of Anonymity, Social Closeness, and Cultural Background on Perceived Appropriateness and Behavioral Intention이혜은Article
2021News Repertoires and Political Information Efficacy: Focusing on the Mediating Role of Perceived News Overload최지향Article
2020Defeating Merchants of Doubt: Subjective certainty and self-affirmation ameliorate attitude polarization via partisan motivated reasoning김영욱Article
2020Effects of taboo conversation topics on impression formation and task performance evaluation이혜은Article
2019Mediating effects of emotional venting via instant messaging (IM) and positive emotion in the relationship between negative emotion and depression [부정적 정서와 우울의 관계에서 인스턴트 메시징(Instant Messaging)을 통한 감정 표출과 긍정적 정서의 매개효과]안순태Article
2019Building an understanding of major advertising strategies for location-based digital signage: A study of Korean marketing practitioners'practice유승철Article
2020Effects of network heterogeneity on social media on opinion polarization among South Koreans: Focusing on fear and political orientation최윤정Article
2019We Want a Team Player: A Formative Cross-Cultural Investigation in the United States, China, and South Korea이혜은Article
2019Korean children's understanding of social media advergames: An exploratory study of ad recognition and skeptical attitudes toward advertising안순태Article
2020‘Green chasm’ in clean-tech for air pollution: Patent evidence of a long innovation cycle and a technological level gap윤호영Article
2020Meet the virtual jeju dol harubang—The mixed VR/Ar application for cultural immersion in Korea’s main heritage유승철Article
2020PalmitoAR: The Last Battle of the US Civil War Reenacted Using Augmented Reality유승철Article