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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Development of a diagnostic framework and its application to open access journal publishing in Korea정은경Article
2023Characteristics of scholarly journals published in non-English-speaking countries: An analysis of Library and Information Science SCOPUS journals정은경Article
2023Data sharing attitudes and practices of researchers in Korean government research institutes: a survey-based descriptive study김지현Article
2022How have LIS school curricula evolved over the past twenty years?정은경Article
2022Mapping open science research using a keyword bibliographic coupling analysis network정은경Article
2022Disrupting Computing Education: Teen-Led Participatory Design in Libraries이경진Article
2021Korean researchers' motivations for publishing in data journals and the usefulness of their data: a qualitative study김지현Article
2021Dynamics of relevance judgment during physicians' online information search process for patient treatment정은경Article
2021Examination of data citation guidelines in style manuals and data repositories정은경; 김지현Article
1994Internet-sourced competitive intelligence차미경Conference Paper
1994The internet and competitive intelligence: A survey of current practice차미경Article
1998Compliance with public library standards in the state of Ohio차미경Article
2020Data journals: Types of peer review, review criteria, and editorial committee members' positions김지현Article
2020Data sharing policies of journals in life, health, and physical sciences indexed in Journal Citation Reports김지현Article
2019On the use of multimedia in Twitter health communication: analysis of tweets regarding the Zika virus정은경Article
2020Reusing qualitative video data: matching reuse goals and criteria for selection김지현Article
2019Overview of disciplinary data sharing practices and promotion of open data in science김지현Review
2019Exposing Standardization and Consistency Issues in Repository Metadata Requirements for Data Deposition김지현Article
2019How research data is cited in scholarly literature: A case study of HINTS정은경; 김지현Article
2018Citation impact of collaboration from intra- and inter-disciplinary perspectives: A case study of Korea정은경Article