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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Automatic Classification of Photos by Tourist Attractions Using Deep Learning Model and Image Feature Vector Clustering강영옥Article
2021Mining tourists’ destinations and preferences through LSTM-based text classification and spatial clustering using Flickr data강영옥Article
2021A multinational study of authors’ perceptions of and practical approaches to writing geography textbooks이종원Article
2020Towards critical multicultural teacher education in the midst of ethno-nationalism: Korean pre-service teachers’ international learning experiences최민식Article
2021Transfer Learning of a Deep Learning Model for Exploring Tourists' Urban Image Using Geotagged Photos강영옥; 조나혜Article
2021The optimal rainfall thresholds and probabilistic rainfall conditions for a landslide early warning system for Chuncheon, Republic of Korea성효현; 박선기Article
2020College student loans and subjective well-being in South Korea: How Do Student Borrowers Evaluate Their Lives during Studies and after Graduation?김성훈Article
2020Designing an inquiry-based field work project for students using mobile technology and its effects on students' experience이종원Article
2019Identifying Staying Places with Global Positioning System Movement Data Using 3D Density-based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise강영옥Article
2019What improves spatial thinking? Evidence from the Spatial Thinking Abilities Test이종원Article
2018Spatiotemporal characteristics of elderly population’s traffic accidents in Seoul using space-time cube and space-time kernel density estimation강영옥Article
2019Out of the book and into the classroom: The experiences of Korean social studies pre-service teachers in an international teaching practicum in the United States최민식Article
2018Does social capital always raise life satisfaction? A comparison of South Korea and Taiwan김성훈Article
2018Changing Patterns of Foreigner Transplants in Korea and Overseas Organ Transplants Among Koreans김휘원Article
2018Korean American social studies teachers' perceptions and experiences of teaching profession in multicultural urban high schools최윤정Article
2017What do geography textbook authors in England consider when they design content and select case studies?이종원Article
2016Legacies of Japanese colonialist historiography and scholarly views on Wiman Joseon오영찬Review
2006Environmental education for sustainability in Korea성효현Chapter
2011Competitive location modeling with a rank proportional allocation이건학Article