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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023FANET 환경에서 UAV 이미지 정보 보호를 위한 시각 암호화 및 블록체인 기반 합의 메커니즘양단아Doctoral Thesis
2020Code Relocation Method for Low Power Operation of Small-scale Embedded Systems최하연Doctoral Thesis
2021Versatile Encountered-type Haptics for Immersive VR Environments Using Collaborative Robot김예솔Doctoral Thesis
2020인메모리 빅데이터 시스템 기반에서 다차원 증분 가능한 텐서 분해 기법양혜경Doctoral Thesis
2020Heterogeneous Cognitive Security in Layers of Communication Networks PyramidMOWLA, NISHAT IDoctoral Thesis
2020Studies on Improving Storage System Performances by Using Non-volatile Buffer Cache최현경Doctoral Thesis
2020딥러닝을 적용한 플라즈마 시스템의 비선형 현상 분석 기법김연정Doctoral Thesis
2017해부학적 혈관 구조 정보를 이용한 특징기반 3D/2D 비강체 정합김혜련Doctoral Thesis
2017영상 기반 세포 표현형 프로파일링을 위한 다변량 특징 추출 및 분석강미선Doctoral Thesis
2019High-Resolution 3D Painting in Virtual Reality with Volumetric Brush Models김여진Doctoral Thesis
2019Design and Implementation of an Arduino-Based Secure Data Acquisition and Control SystemKennedy ChinyereDoctoral Thesis
2019후킹 기반 임베디드 소프트웨어 검증 자동화 방법박지현Doctoral Thesis
2019Efficient Management Techniques for NVM-based Storage Systems박윤주Doctoral Thesis
2018Clustering Mechanism for Scalable IoT Networks and Reliable Broadcast Mechanism for IoV in a Smart City성윤영Doctoral Thesis
2017로봇운동계획법을 위한 효율적 연속 거리 계산 알고리즘이영은Doctoral Thesis
2017센서를 활용한 실내 집단 동작의 분석과 인식최정인Doctoral Thesis
2018Improving Storage Performances with NVM by Considering Application’s I/O Characteristics김지선Doctoral Thesis
2017Authentication and Multi-Dimensional Privacy Protection Mechanisms for Data Reliability and Security in Communication NetworksLi, ShiDoctoral Thesis
2017A Unified Low-Power Technique for Processor and Memory in Real-Time Task SchedulingNam, Sunhwa A.Doctoral Thesis
2007확장된 분류체계와 강화된 후처리분석을 이용한 자동문서분류시스템의 성능향상방법최윤정Doctoral Thesis