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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022Does the Perception of Own Voice Affect Our Behavior?정현주Article
2022The Use of Music at the Homes of Children with Severe and Multiple Disabilities and Parental Perceptions of it유가을Article
2022Nighttime Walking with Music: Does Music Mediate the Influence of Personal Distress on Perceived Safety?정현주; 유가을Article
2021Group singing improves quality of life for people with Parkinson's: an international study정현주Article
2021Corrigendum: Music Therapy for Delinquency Involved Juveniles Through Tripartite Collaboration: A Mixed Method Study (Front. Psychol., (2020), 11, (589431), 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.589431)정현주; 윤주리Erratum
2020Music Therapy for Delinquency Involved Juveniles Through Tripartite Collaboration: A Mixed Method Study정현주; 윤주리Article
2019Case Studies of a Structured Singing Experience for the Psychological Well-Being of Hospice Patients정현주Article
2020A comparative study of verbal descriptions of emotions induced by music between adults with and without visual impairments정현주Article
2019A comparative study of the perception of music emotion between adults with and without visual impairment정현주Article
2017Keyboard playing as a hand exercise for patients with subacute stroke정현주; 한수정; 김수지Article
2018A comparison of emotion identification and its intensity between adults with schizophrenia and healthy adults: Using film music excerpts with emotional content정현주Article
2016The Effects of Music on Pain: A Meta-Analysis이진형Article
2016Changes in gait patterns induced by rhythmic auditory stimulation for adolescents with acquired brain injury정현주; 김수지Article; Book Chapter
2015Mixed-methods survey of professional perspectives of music therapy practice in mental health이진형Review
2016A qualitative inquiry of the lived experiences of music therapists who have survived cancer who are working with medical and hospice patients이진형Article
2013The Effect of Brightness on Listeners’ Perception of Physiological State and Mood of the Music During Listening정현주Article
2015A comparative study on the attitudes and uses of music by adults with visual impairments and those who are sighted정현주; 김수지; 박혜영Article
2010Education-oriented Music Therapy as an after-school program for students with emotional and behavioral problems정현주Article
2010Do we all enjoy singing? A content analysis of non-vocalists' attitudes toward singing정현주Article
2014Hand rehabilitation using MIDI keyboard playing in adolescents with brain damage: A preliminary study정현주; 김수지Article