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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Refusal speech act response: Differences between South Koreans and north Korean refugees in inducing speech acts and directness이해영Article
2019The Organisational Culture of the Chaebol and Workplace Inequality: Stunted Mobilities of Korean Chinese Employees in a Beijing SubsidiarySharon YoonArticle
2017Cultural brokerage and transnational entrepreneurship: South Korean and Korean Chinese entrepreneurs in Beijing's KoreatownSharon YoonArticle
2017Second language acquisition and processing of Korean locative constructions by Chinese speakers박선희Article
2017A study on professors’ and learners’ perceptions of real-time online Korean studies courses이해영; 박선희Article
2006Effects of input elaboration on vocabulary acquisition through reading by Korean learners of English as a foreign language김영규Article
2007The author replies to Z.H. Han's "Pedagogical implications: Genuine or pretentious?"김영규Editorial Material
2006Border-crossing: Choe Seung-Hui's life and the modern experience김영훈Article