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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013A Study on the Distribution Function Approach to the Redshift Space Distortion for the Large Scale Structure of the Universe오민지Master's Thesis
2010Algorithm for the direct reconstruction of the dark matter correlation function from weak lensing and galaxy clusteringUros SeljakArticle
2012Bias, redshift space distortions and primordial nongaussianity of nonlinear transformations: Application to Ly-α forestUros SeljakArticle
2012Cluster density profiles as a test of modified gravityUros SeljakArticle
2012Clustering of sloan digital sky survey III photometric luminous galaxies: The measurement, systematics, and cosmological implicationsUros SeljakArticle
2010Confirmation of general relativity on large scales from weak lensing and galaxy velocitiesUros SeljakArticle
2012Constraints on f(R) gravity from probing the large-scale structureUros SeljakArticle
2009Cosmological constraints on DGP braneworld gravity with brane tensionUros SeljakArticle
2013Cosmological parameter constraints from galaxy-galaxy lensing and galaxy clustering with the SDSS DR7Uros SeljakArticle
2011Distribution function approach to redshift space distortionsUros SeljakArticle
2012Distribution function approach to redshift space distortions. Part II: N-body simulationsUros SeljakArticle
2012Distribution function approach to redshift space distortions. Part III: Halos and galaxiesUros SeljakArticle
2012Distribution function approach to redshift space distortions. Part IV: Perturbation theory applied to dark matterUros SeljakArticle
2013Distribution function approach to redshift space distortions. Part V: Perturbation theory applied to dark matter halosUros SeljakArticle
2012Evidence for quadratic tidal tensor bias from the halo bispectrumUros SeljakArticle
2011Galaxy bias and non-linear structure formation in general relativityUros SeljakArticle
2012Going beyond the Kaiser redshift-space distortion formula: A full general relativistic account of the effects and their detectability in galaxy clusteringUros SeljakArticle
2013Halo stochasticity from exclusion and nonlinear clusteringUros SeljakArticle
2009How to evade the sample variance limit on measurements of redshift-space distortionsUros SeljakArticle
2009How to suppress the shot noise in galaxy surveysUros SeljakArticle
2009Impact of scale dependent bias and nonlinear structure growth on the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect: Angular power spectraUros SeljakArticle
2012Joint analysis of gravitational lensing, clustering, and abundance: Toward the unification of large-scale structure analysisUros SeljakArticle
2010Large-scale BAO signatures of the smallest galaxiesUros SeljakArticle
2010Minimizing the stochasticity of halos in large-scale structure surveysUros SeljakArticle
2012Optical-to-virial velocity ratios of local disc galaxies from combined kinematics and galaxy-galaxy lensingUros SeljakArticle
2011Optimal constraints on local primordial non-Gaussianity from the two-point statistics of large-scale structureUros SeljakArticle
2012Optimal weighting in galaxy surveys: Application to redshift-space distortionsUros SeljakArticle
2014Peculiar velocities in redshift space: Formalism, N-body simulations and perturbation theoryUros SeljakArticle
2012Photometric redshift requirements for lens galaxies in galaxy-galaxy lensing analysesUros SeljakArticle
2011Primordial non-Gaussianity in the bispectrum of the halo density fieldUros SeljakArticle