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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Cluster probes of dark energy clusteringEric V. LinderArticle
2012CMB polarization impact on cosmological constraintsEric V. LinderArticle
2010Confronting general relativity with further cosmological dataEric V. LinderArticle
2013Constraining cosmic expansion and gravity with galaxy redshift surveysEric V. LinderReview
2011Correlated supernova systematics and ground based surveysEric V. LinderArticle
2011Cosmographic degeneracyEric V. LinderArticle
2011Cosmological and astrophysical neutrino mass measurementsEric V. LinderReview
2010Cosmological constant behavior in DBI theory안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2014Cosmological constraints from the anisotropic clustering analysis using BOSS DR9Eric V. LinderArticle
2011Dark before light: Testing the cosmic expansion history through the cosmic microwave backgroundEric V. LinderArticle
2009Dark energy properties in DBI theory안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2014Dark energy scaling from dark matter to accelerationEric V. LinderArticle
2010Einstein's other gravity and the acceleration of the UniverseEric V. LinderArticle
2009Exponential gravityEric V. LinderArticle
2012Fab 5: Noncanonical kinetic gravity, self tuning, and cosmic accelerationEric V. LinderArticle
2011From asymptotic safety to dark energy안창림; 김찬주; Eric V. LinderArticle
2011Frontiers of dark energyEric V. LinderBook Chapter
2011Future CMB constraints on early, cold, or stressed dark energyEric V. LinderArticle
2012Gaussian process cosmographyEric V. LinderArticle
2010Generating and analyzing constrained dark energy equations of state and systematics functionsEric V. LinderArticle
2010Induced gravity and the attractor dynamics of dark energy/dark matterEric V. LinderArticle
2014Inflationary freedom and cosmological neutrino constraintsEric V. LinderArticle
2011Lensing time delays and cosmological complementarityEric V. LinderArticle
2011Limits on dark radiation, early dark energy, and relativistic degrees of freedomEric V. LinderArticle
2012Mapping growth and gravity with robust redshift space distortionsEric V. LinderArticle
2010Measuring the speed of dark: Detecting dark energy perturbationsEric V. LinderArticle
2012Model independent early expansion history and dark energyEric V. LinderArticle
2013Model independent tests of cosmic growth versus expansionEric V. LinderArticle
2011Model-independent tests of cosmic gravityEric V. LinderArticle
2013New constraints on the early expansion history of the universeEric V. LinderArticle