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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20122-(Trimethylammonium)ethyl (R)-3-methoxy-3-oxo-2-stearamidopropyl phosphate promotes megakaryocytic differentiation of myeloid leukaemia cells and primary human CD34 + haematopoietic stem cells전길자; 배윤수; 한소엽; 김재상; 임진경Article in Press
2003An efficient synthesis of 2,5-diketopiperazine derivatives by the Ugi four-center three-component reaction한소엽Conference Paper
2000Comparative study of cyanuric fluoride and BOP-Cl as carboxyl activators in peptide coupling reactions한소엽Article
2004Diastereoselective synthesis of seven- and eight-membered oxabicycles via Prins-type cyclization한소엽Article
2015Effects of damage caused by non-ionizing energy loss in Si Mini-Pad sensors for the PHENIX MPC-EX한소엽; 한인식Article
2006Effects of macrocycle size and rigidity on melanocortin receptor-1 and -5 selectivity in cyclic lactam α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone analogs한소엽Article
1998Epoxidation of olefins with H2O2 catalyzed by an electronegatively-substituted iron porphyrin complex in aprotic solvent남원우; 한소엽Article
2000Fluorescence quenching dynamics of azulene and 2-haloazulenes by CCl4 in nonpolar solvents이민영; 한소엽Article
2000Identification of triacylglycerols containing two short-chain fatty acids at sn-2 and sn-3 positions from bovine udder by fast atom bombardment tandem mass spectrometry전길자; 한소엽; 임진경Article
2000In/InCl3-mediated cross-coupling reactions of methyl vinyl ketone with benzaldehyde in aqueous media한소엽Article
2004Indium (III) halide mediated SN2́ reactions of substituted allenols: Synthesis of 2-halo-1,3-dienes한소엽Article
2003Indium-mediated reductive elimination of halohydrins한소엽Article
2004Inhibition of osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption by a novel lysophosphatidylcholine derivative, SCOH전길자; 한소엽Article
1993Investigations of the formation of cyclic acetal and ketal derivatives of D-ribono-1,4-lactone and 2-deoxy-D-ribono-1,4-lactone한소엽Article
1999Isolation and characterization of monoacetyldiglycerides from bovine udder전길자; 한소엽; 임진경Article
2015Kinetic study on alkaline hydrolysis of Y-substituted phenyl X-substituted benzenesulfonates: Effects of changing nucleophile from azide to hydroxide ion on reactivity and transition-state structure엄익환; 한소엽Article
2015Kinetic study on S<inf>N</inf>Ar reactions of 1-(Y-substituted-phenoxy)-2,4-dinitrobenzenes with Azide ion: Effect of changing nucleophile from hydroxide to Azide ion on reaction mechanism and reactivity엄익환; 한소엽Article
2011Low pressure ethenolysis of renewable methyl oleate in a microchemical system한소엽Article
2001Lysophosphatidylcholine derived from deer antler extract suppresses hyphal transition in Candida albicans through MAP kinase pathway전길자; 최원자; 한소엽Article
2006MEDI 414-Novel cyclic lactam alpha-MSH analogs as potent and selective hMC3R agonists and antagonists, and hMC1R antagonists한소엽Meeting Abstract
2004Modification of concanavalin A-dependent proliferation by phosphatidylcholines isolated from deer antler, Cervus elaphus전길자; 김길현; 한소엽Article
1999Monoacetyldiglycerides as new Ca2+ mobilizing agents in rat pancreatic acinar cells전길자; 한소엽Article
2000New insights into the mechanisms of O-O bond cleavage of hydrogen peroxide and tert-alkyl hydroperoxides by iron(III) porphyrin complexes남원우; 한소엽Article
2015Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of 2,4-Dinitrophenyl X-Substituted-Benzenesulfonates and Y-Substituted-Phenyl 4-Nitrobenzenesulfonates with Azide Ion: Regioselectivity and Reaction Mechanism엄익환; 한소엽Article
2017PHENIX Collaboration한소엽Conference Paper
2004Purification and structural determination of hematopoietic stem cell-stimulating monoacetyldiglycerides from Cervus nippon (deer antler)전길자; 한소엽Article
2004Recent development of peptide coupling reagents in organic synthesis한소엽Article
2003Reduction of nitro group using indium-wire in water한소엽Article
2015Ru-catalyzed Intramolecular Olefination ;Kinetic Studies on Azidolysis and Hydrolysis of Aryl Benzenesulfonates문지현Master's Thesis
2012Ruthenium Catalyzed Olefination송정아Master's Thesis