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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20192015 개정 교육과정에 나타난 사회정의를 위한 수학교육에 대한 교과서 분석이은주Master's Thesis
19856-Hydroxydopamine 투여 흰쥐의 혈압에 미치는 Clonidine의 영향이은주Master's Thesis
2020A Contrastive Corpus-Based Analysis of Lexical Bundles between English L1 and English L2 Writers in Medical Journal Abstracts김은수Doctoral Thesis
2020A corpus-based study of lexical bundles and moves by english l1 and l2 writers in medical journal abstracts이은주Article
2001Achieving MNC localization by employing local people이은주Master's Thesis
2019An exploratory study on employees’ pro-environmental behavior at the workplace이은주Master's Thesis
1991Anton Webern의 "Three Songs from Viae Inviae" Op.23의 1악장 분석연구이은주Master's Thesis
2000Anton Webern의 concerto for 9 instruments, op.24의 제 1악장에 관한 연구 : 전 음열주의(total serialism)를 중심으로이은주Master's Thesis
1985Cellulomonas속 세균의 원형질체 형성과 전자현미경적 연구이은주Master's Thesis
2013CPS모형을 적용한 제품 디자인 수업이 학습자의 비판적 사고력에 미치는 영향이은주Master's Thesis
2015Effects of Collaborative Corpus-Based Learning on the Acquisition and Retention of DVCs양정임Doctoral Thesis
2010Effects of Modified Nutritional Formulas for Diabetes on Postprandial Glycemic and Inflammatory Responses in Healthy Young Adults이은주Master's Thesis
2011Effects of Syntactic Priming on Korean EFL Learners’ Production of English Dative Constructions최윤정Master's Thesis
2019Fecal and blood microbiota profiles and presence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in obese versus lean subjects김형래; 유권; 김태헌; 윤여준; 김휘영; 이은주Article
2010Genome-wide scan and quantitative trait analysis of granular corneal dystrophy, type 2 in Korean families이은주Doctoral Thesis
1990George Herbert의 靈的 갈등 연구이은주Master's Thesis
2020Identifying Developmental Dyslexia in 9 Korean Elementary School Students at Risk for Dyslexia김영태; 이은주Article
1999Johannes Brahms의 가사셋팅에 관한 연구 : Vier ernste Gesaenge. Op.121을 중심으로이은주Master's Thesis
2002Kinetic studies on nucleophilic substitution reactions of aryl acetates and on Michael-type additions of amines to activated acetylenes이은주Master's Thesis
2013Lexical Bundle Analysis in an EFL Teacher Corpus권예은Doctoral Thesis
2014Lexical bundles in the Korean EFL teacher talk corpus: A comparison between non-native and native English teachers이은주Article
1993N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine의 생성 및 분해 반응에 대한 속도론적 연구이은주Master's Thesis
2009Supplementary Targets and Indicators to Strengthen Social Inclusion, Gender Equality and Health Promotion in the Millennium Development Goals in Africa이은주Master's Thesis
2012TETE 수업이 중학교 학습자들의 영어청취력과 정의적 측면에 미치는 영향안혜진Master's Thesis
2017The development of English personal reference in the Korean ESL learner corpus이은주Article
2020The Effect of Aural and Textual Input Enhancement Through Movie Clips on the Korean EFL Students’ Learning of Parallelism Rules김성민Master's Thesis
2010The Effects of Listening Support and Proficiency Level on Korean EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension허선영Doctoral Thesis
2016The Effects of Task Complexity and English Proficiency on Korean EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension of Lectures and Academic Seminars차현지Doctoral Thesis
1990개념표현의 분석을 통한 수학과 교육 과정의 내용연구에 관한 연구이은주Master's Thesis
2001게시판을 활용한 통합학급 지원이 장애아동에 대한 일반아동의 사회적 능력에 미치는 영향이은주Master's Thesis