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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009A Brownian energy depot model of the basilar membrane oscillation with a braking mechanism이공주복Article
2013A Modified Active Brownian Dynamics Model using Asymmetric Energy Conversion and its Application to Cargo Transport by Multi-Motors이공주복Meeting Abstract
2013A modified active Brownian dynamics model using asymmetric energy conversion and its application to the molecular motor system이공주복Article
2012A renormalization group approach to crowd psychology and inter-group coupling in social many-body systems이공주복Article
2012A theoretical study of nonlinear capacitance of mammalian out hair cell by a nontransporting five-state model이공주복Article
2015Acoustic superlens using membrane-based metamaterials이공주복Article
2012Active Brownian Dynamics Applied to a Molecular Motor System이공주복Meeting Abstract
2018Active Dynamics Model with Asymmetric Energy Conversion Rate이공주복Article
2008Active motions of Brownian particles in a generalized energy-depot model이공주복Article
2001Barrier crossing of a semiflexible ring polymer이공주복Article
1997Crystalline field effect on the kondo impurity이공주복Article
1999Density functional calculations on the structures of small zinc clusters이공주복Article
2001Diagonalization of a coupled supersymmetric t-J model and its ground-state properties이공주복Article
2005Effects of hydrophobic mismatch and spontaneous curvature on ion channel gating with a hinge이공주복Article
2006Energetics of rotational gating mechanisms of an ion channel induced by membrane deformation이공주복Article
2014Femtosecond transient absorption measurement of energy and charge transfers in donor-acceptor liquid crystalline dyad and triad우정원; 이공주복; Jean Charles RibierreConference Paper
2013Giant acoustic concentration by extraordinary transmission in zero-mass metamaterials이공주복Article
2013Giant concentration by extraordinary acoustic transmission in metamaterials이공주복Conference Paper
2012Highly tunable acoustic metamaterials based on a resonant tubular array이공주복Article
2007Importance of contact position between a tilted ion channel and membrane to the energetics of channel gating이공주복Article
1997Impurity model for mixed-valent Mn3+/Mn4+ ions이공주복Article
2003Inclusion-induced bilayer deformation: an effect of surface tension이공주복Article
1998Low-temperature properties of the generalized two-chain quantum spin model이공주복Article
1996Low-temperature specific heat of the degenerate supersymmetric t-J model in one dimension이공주복Article
1994Low-temperature specific heat of the generalized antiferromagnetic SU (N) Heisenberg model with and without a field이공주복Article
2001Magnetic susceptibilities of integrable quantum ladders이공주복Article
1996Nonrelativistic factorizable scattering theory and the Calogero-Sutherland model이공주복; 안창림Article
1995Quenching of orbital momentum by crystalline fields in a multichannel Kondo impurity이공주복Article
1996Quenching of overcompensated Kondo impurities via channel asymmetry이공주복Article
2007Resultant pressure distribution pattern along the basilar membrane in the spiral shaped cochlea이공주복Article