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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20204,4 '-Diaminodiphenyl Sulfone (DDS) as an Inflammasome Competitor오상석Article
2008A rapid and sensitive method for detecting foodborne pathogens by capillary electrophoresis-based single-strand conformation polymorphism오상석Article
2008A sensitive enzyme immunoassay for amygdalin in food extracts using a recombinant antibody오상석Article
2009A two-step quantitative detection of food-borne pathogens based on capillary electrophoresis-single-strand conformation polymorphism coupled with multiplex PCR and its application in food system김애림Master's Thesis
2013Allergenic potential and enzymatic resistance of buckwheat오상석Article
2014Allergenicity of an enzymatic hydrolysate of soybean 2S protein오상석Article
2015Allergenicity of buckwheat protein and buckwheat dough hydrolysates with alkaline protease following high pressure treatment이원희Master's Thesis
2007Allergenicity of proteolytic hydrolysates of the soybean 11S globulin오상석; 손연수Article
2014Allergenicity of Soybean Protein Hydrolysates with Alkaline Protease following High Pressure Treatment이수진Master's Thesis
2007An in vitro enzymatic digestion method for estimation of the acrylamide contents of foods오상석; 박진병Article
2003Aroma dilution method using GC injector split ratio for volatile compounds extracted by headspace solid phase microextraction오상석; 김영석Article
2012Bactericidal effects of lettuce after subsequent washing with hypobromous acid and sodium hypochlorite오상석Article
2016Buckwheat Allergen Control이채윤Doctoral Thesis
2010Characterization and stability analysis of zinc oxide nanoencapsulated conjugated linoleic acid오상석; 최진호Article
2012Characterization of Buckwheat Protein with Pepsin and Chymotrypsin and Reduction of Allergenicity of Buckwheat Protein Hydrolysates using Papain이수진Master's Thesis
2008Characterization of microorganisms in Eoyukjang오상석; 조미숙Article
2022COVID-19 Molecular Pathophysiology: Acetylation of Repurposing Drugs오상석Review
2012Detection and identification of vibrio species using whole-cell protein pattern analysis오상석Article
2006Detection of abnormally high amygdalin content in food by an enzyme immunoassay오상석Article
2018Detection of Undeclared Egg and Milk Allergens using Immunological Method and Confirmation of Egg and Milk Proteins using LC-MS/MS김수연Master's Thesis
2016Detection of Undeclared Egg, Wheat and Crustaceans Allergen using Commercial ELISA kits and Confirmation of Wheat Protein in Processed Food using LC-MS/MS이보영Master's Thesis
2016Detection of Undeclared Milk Allergen in Processed Food using ELISA and Synthesis of a Possible Marker Peptide for LC/MS/MS양지연Master's Thesis
2017Detection of Undeclared Peanut, Milk and Egg Allergen using Immunological Method and Confirmation of Peanut, Milk and Egg Proteins using LC-MS/MS서지현Master's Thesis
2016Detection of Undeclared Soybean Allergen in Processed Food using ELISA and Synthesis of a Possible Marker Peptide for LC/MS/MS이경민Master's Thesis
2017Detection of undeclared soybean and walnut allergens using immunological method and confirmation of soybean and walnut proteins using LC-MS/MS손지현Master's Thesis
2016Detection of Undeclared Wheat Allergen in Processed Food using ELISA and Synthesis of a Possible Marker Peptide for LC/MS/MS노윤경Master's Thesis
2012Detection system of Vibrio spp. Using Multiplex PCR, Whole Cell Protein Analysis and RAPD-PCR이채윤Master's Thesis
2009Development of Norovirus Detection Method Using Polyclonal Antibodies김진영Master's Thesis
2023Discovery, verification, and validation of walnut protein marker peptides using LC-MS approaches오상석Article
2006Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis of 7S globulin, a soybean protein, on its allergenicity and identification of its allergenic hydrolyzed fragments using SDS-PAGE오상석Article