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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
201360-80대 여성 노인의 MIDI 건반 타력에 대한 표준치 예비 연구MIN, JENNIEMaster's Thesis
201575세 이상 일반 및 독거노인이 지각하는 노래부르기의 혜택과 삶의 질 관계한수진Master's Thesis
2015A comparative study on the attitudes and uses of music by adults with visual impairments and those who are sighted정현주; 김수지; 박혜영Article
2023A scoping review of music-based interventions for swallowing difficulties: implications for treating older adults with presbyphagia김수지; 여명선Review
2017Age-related changes in bimanual instrument playing with rhythmic cueing김수지Article
2023Benefits of personal music listening for family caregivers of critically ill patients during the post-COVID era김수지; 유가을Article
2016Changes in gait patterns induced by rhythmic auditory stimulation for adolescents with acquired brain injury정현주; 김수지Article; Book Chapter
2012Differential effects of rhythmic auditory stimulation and neurodevelopmental treatment/Bobath on gait patterns in adults with cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial김수지Article
2015Differential effects of type of keyboard playing task and tempo on surface EMG amplitudes of forearm muscles정현주; 김수지Article
2021Does Etiology Matter? Comparative Analysis of a Singing-Enhanced Swallowing Protocol for Patients with Neurological Impairment versus Head and Neck Cancer김수지; 유가을Article
2021Dual-Task-Based Drum Playing with Rhythmic Cueing on Motor and Attention Control in Patients with Parkinson's Disease: A Preliminary Randomized Study김수지Article
2022Dual-Task-Based Music Therapy to Improve Executive Functioning of Elderly Patients with Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease: A Multiple Case Study김수지; 여명선Article
2018Dyadic Drum Playing and Social Skills: Implications for Rhythm-Mediated Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder김수지Article
2015Effect of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation on Hemiplegic Gait Patterns정현주; 김수지Article
2020Effects of Patient-Directed Interactive Music Therapy on Sleep Quality in Postoperative Elderly Patients: A Randomized-Controlled Trial김수지; 유가을Article
2016Ellis의 ABCD모형 기반 노래 만들기 프로그램에 참여한 청소년의 시험 불안 감소 사례박나현Master's Thesis
2020Gait training for adults with cerebral palsy following harmonic modification in rhythmic auditory stimulation김수지; 유가을Article
2014Hand rehabilitation using MIDI keyboard playing in adolescents with brain damage: A preliminary study정현주; 김수지Article
1996Impact of childhood cancer on religious life of Korean families김수지Article
2019Instrument Playing as a Cognitive Intervention Task for Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis김수지; 유가을Review
2017Keyboard playing as a hand exercise for patients with subacute stroke정현주; 한수정; 김수지Article
2018Learning English through Storybooks김수지Master's Thesis
2015MIDI 키보드 연주 시 노인의 건반타력과 손 기능 검사 간 상관관계서은정Master's Thesis
2023Movement-specific keyboard playing for hand function in adolescents and young adults with acquired brain injury김수지Article
2021Music experience is associated with lower depression level and higher quality of life among family caregivers of critically ill patients김수지; 유가을Article
2017Music perception training for pediatric cochlear implant recipients ages 3 to 5 years: A pilot study김수지Article
2024Music therapists’ perceptions on their role and status in medical settings in France: A survey study김수지Article
2019Patterned Sensory Enhancement (PSE) music for upper limb function changes in children with spastic cerebral palsy김수지Article
2016Perception of complexity, interest level, and preference for harmonic progression of music for adults with schizophrenia정현주; 김수지Article
2021Perceptions Toward Music Therapy of Parents of Children With Disabilitiesin the United Arab Emirates강이락Master's Thesis