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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019A borane sensor for amino alcohol to determine enantionmeric excess and concentration via circular dichroism and fluorescence송아영Master's Thesis
2007A chiral ketone for enantioselective recognition of 1,2-amino alcohols남원우; 김관묵Article
2005A highly selective fluorescent chemosensor for Pb2+남원우; 윤주영; 김관묵; 서미숙Article
2011Anion triggered supramolecular topological change from a coordination polymer to a dumbbell김성진; 김영미; 김관묵Article
2005Azido-bridged Cu(II) compounds with asymmetric end-to-end and end-on binding modes: Magnetic assignments using a spin dimer model김관묵Article
2013BINO l-based chiral receptors as fluorescent and colorimetric chemosensors for amino acids윤주영; 김관묵Article
2007Bioinspired chemical inversion of L-amino acids to D-amino acids남원우; 김관묵Article
2004Chiral shift reagent for amino acids based on resonance-assisted hydrogen bonding김관묵Article
2008Chirality conversion and enantioselective extraction of amino acids by imidazolium-based binol-aldehyde김관묵Article
2010Chirality conversion and Enantioselective separation of amino acids by reactive extraction with ARCA derivatives가혜림Master's Thesis
2009Chirality Conversion of Dipeptides in the Schiff Bases of Binol Aldehydes with Multiple Hydrogen Bond Donors김관묵Article
2012Chirality Converting Reagent Based on Binol Aldehyde Pendant with Linear-chained Spacer조예슬Master's Thesis
2016Chirality Switching in the Crystallization of 1-(4-Chlorophenyl)ethylamine with Binaphthoic Acid by Ketimine Formation김성진; 김영미; 김관묵Article
2019Chiroptical sensing of amino acids by stereodynamic imprinting into the Zn-II-Complex generating a dihedral chirality김성진; 김영미; 김관묵Article
2007Colloids produced by simple self-assembly of inorganic tennis balls and nonrigid polypyridyl ligands남원우; 김연상; 김관묵Article
2011Conformational switching on platinum(II) coordination plane triggered by oxalate anion김관묵Article
2012Conversion of L-Amino Acids to D-Amino Acids with Non-axially Chiral Naphthol-Based Aldehydes이예정Master's Thesis
2014Deracemization of Racemic Amino Acids Using (R)- and (S)-Alanine Racemase Chiral Analogues as Chiral Converters김관묵Article
2018Discrimination of the Chirality of -Amino Acids in Zn-II Complexes of DPA-Appended Binaphthyl Imine김성진; 김관묵Article
2008Effects of ring substituents on enantioselective recognition of amino alcohols and acids in uryl-based binol receptors김관묵Article
2015Efficient synthesis of chiral binaphthol aldehyde with phenyl ether linkage for enantioselective extraction of amino acids김관묵Article
2009Enantiomeric Recognition of Amino Acids and Amino Alcohols by Alanine Racemase Chiral Analogue Based on Octahydro-Binaphthol정혜인Master's Thesis
2010Enantioselective decarboxylation of 2-methyl-2-aminomalonate catalyzed by (S)-2-hydroxy-2′-(3-phenyluryl-benzyl)-1,1′-binaphthyl-3- carboxaldehyde김관묵Article
2014Enantioselective Extraction of Amino Acids by Binol Aldehyde with Phenyl Ether Linkage최미선Master's Thesis
2021Enantioselective extraction of unprotected amino acids coupled with racemization김성진; 김영미; 김관묵; Jean BouffardArticle
2018Enantioselective Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Underivatized Amino Acids with Simple Chiral Aminophenyl-Aldehyde김관묵Article
2013Enantioselective liquid-liquid extractions of underivatized general amino acids with a chiral ketone extractant김관묵Article
2019Enantioselective Liquid−Liquid Extraction of Underivatized amino acids with Uryl-pendant ExtractantChen QianDoctoral Thesis
2005Enantioselective recognition of 1,2-amino alcohols by reversible formation of imines with resonance-assisted hydrogen bonds남원우; 김관묵Article
2009Enantioselective recognition of 1,2-aminoalcohols by the binol receptor dangled with pyrrole-2-carboxamide and its analogues김관묵Article