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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20052-Cys peroxiredoxin function in intracellular signal transduction: Therapeutic implications이서구; 강상원; 정우진; 창동신Review
20142-Cys peroxiredoxins: Emerging hubs determining redox dependency of mammalian signaling networks이상혁; 강상원Review
2016A Decoy Peptide Targeted to Protein Phosphatase 1 Attenuates Degradation of SERCA2a in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells강상원; 강동훈Article
2010A novel function of cytosolic Hsp60 in inflammatory responses천정녀Doctoral Thesis
2018A rapamycin derivative, biolimus, preferentially activates autophagy in vascular smooth muscle cells강상원Article
2023A small molecule compound that inhibits blue light-induced retinal damage via activation of autophagy강상원Article
2013Ablation of peroxiredoxin II attenuates experimental colitis by increasing FoxO1-induced Foxp3+ regulatory T cells이서구; 강상원; 황은숙; 우현애Article
2019Absence of Cytosolic 2-Cys Prx Subtypes I and II Exacerbates TNF-alpha-Induced Apoptosis via Different Routes강상원; 권종범; 강동민; 이두재; 강동훈; 민성춘Article
2005Activity assay of mammalian 2-Cys Peroxiredoxins using yeast thioredoxin reductase system김주아Master's Thesis
2005Activity assay of mammalian 2-cys peroxiredoxins using yeast thioredoxin reductase system이서구; 강상원Article
2011Altered mitochondrial function in type 2 granular corneal dystrophy강상원; 이두재Article
2005An antioxidant system required for host protection against gut infection in Drosophila배윤수; 이원재; 강상원Article
2016Antidepressant indatraline induces autophagy and inhibits restenosis via suppression of mTOR/S6 kinase signaling pathway강상원; 강동훈Article
2014ATM-mediated phosphorylation of the chromatin remodeling enzyme BRG1 modulates DNA double-strand break repair강상원; 권종범Article in Press
2012Bcl-w promotes cell invasion by blocking the invasion-suppressing action of Bax이원재; 강상원Article
2010Caspase-dependent generation of reactive oxygen species in human astrocytoma cells contributes to resistance to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis강상원Article
2021CHIP and BAP1 Act in Concert to Regulate INO80 Ubiquitination and Stability for DNA Replication강상원; 권종범; 정다운Article
2020Circulating lipidomic alterations in obese and non-obese subjects with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease강상원; 황금숙Article
2021Circulating metabolomic and lipidomic signatures in nonobese and obese subjects with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease정영애Doctoral Thesis
2011Combined blockade of integrin-α4β1 plus cytokines SDF-1α or IL-1β potently inhibits tumor inflammation and growth강상원Article
2023Conserved miR-370-3p/BMP-7 axis regulates the phenotypic change of human vascular smooth muscle cells이상혁; 강상원; 김재상; 이두재; 정연주Article
2005Controlled elimination of intracellular H2O2: Regulation of peroxiredoxin, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase via post-translational modification이서구; 강상원; 창동신; 우현애Review
2019Coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor mediates the responses of endothelial cells to fluid shear stress강상원; 권기환; 정지화Article
2007Cytosolic 2-cys peroxiredoxins regulate TNF[alpha]-induced apoptosis via controling caspase 8 at the mitochondria dependent manner.강상원Meeting Abstract
2012Cytosolic antioxidant enzyme regulate TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis강상원Meeting Abstract
2012Cytosolic antioxidant enzymes regulate TNF-α-induced apoptosis via distinct pathway이주영Doctoral Thesis
2010Cytosolic Hsp60 Is Involved in the NF-kB-Dependent Survival of Cancer Cells via IKK Regulation이공주; 이수영; 강상원; 김재상; 이두재Article
2015Cytosolic Hsp60 orchestrates the survival and inflammatory responses of vascular smooth muscle cells in injured aortic vessels이상혁; 강상원; 김재상; 이두재; 정연주; 강동훈Article
2004Cytosolic Peroxiredoxin Attenuates the Activation of JNK and p38 but Potentiates That of ERK in HeLa Cells Stimulated with Tumor Necrosis Factor-α이서구; 강상원; 창동신Article
2020Cytostatic effect of specific thioredoxin reductase 1 inhibitor in mammalian cells성은규Master's Thesis