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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Influence of acid mine drainage on microbial communities in stream and groundwater samples at guryong mine, South korea조경숙; 이상돈; 이은희Article
2015Inhibitory effects of sulfur compounds on methane oxidation by a methane-oxidizing consortium조경숙; 이상돈; 김태관; 이은희Article
2006Interaction between plants and rhizobacteria in phytoremediation of heavy metal-contaminated soil조경숙Review
2010Isolation and characterization of a diesel-degrading bacterium, Gordonia sp. SD8조경숙Article
2012Isolation and characterization of a facultative methanotroph degrading malodor-causing volatile sulfur compounds조경숙; 김태관Article
2015Isolation and characterization of a novel electricity-producing yeast, Candida sp IR11조경숙; 김태관Article
2009Isolation and characterization of a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium, Serratia sp. SY5조경숙Article
2017Isolation and Characterization of Dye-Degrading Fungi, South KoreaHONG SODANEATHMaster's Thesis
2006Isolation and characterization of psychrotrophic and halotolerant Rhodococcus sp YHLT-2조경숙Article
2003Leaching characteristics of heavy metals from sewage sludge by Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans MET조경숙Article
2001Leaching of Mn, Co, and Ni from manganese nodules using an anaerobic bioleaching method조경숙Article
2017Long-term performance and bacterial community dynamics in biocovers for mitigating methane and malodorous gases조경숙Article
2015Long-term survival of methanogens of an anaerobic digestion sludge under starvation and temperature variation조경숙; 이태우; 김태관Article
2003Low heavy metal bioavailability in soil at contaminated Korean shooting sites이인숙; 조경숙Article
1999Mass production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) by fed-batch cultures of Ralstonia eutropha with nitrogen and phosphate limitation조경숙Article
2017Methane mitigation technology using methanotrophs: A review조경숙Review
2009Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)와 MTBE대사산물의 생태독성평가조원실Doctoral Thesis
2004Microbial characterization of toluene-degrading denitrifying consortia obtained from terrestrial and marine ecosystems조경숙Article
2012Microbial Community Analysis of a Methane-Oxidizing Biofilm Using Ribosomal Tag Pyrosequencing조경숙; 김태관; 이은희Article
2004Microbial recovery of copper from printed circuit boards of waste computer by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans조경숙; 김동수Article
2002Microbial refinement of kaolin by iron-reducing bacteria조경숙Article
1999Microbial removal of Fe(III) impurities from clay using dissimilatory iron reducers조경숙Article
2011Microbial treatment of high-strength perchlorate wastewater조경숙; 이상현Article
2009Microfluidic Devices for Studying Biofilm and Aggregates of Dental Plaque Forming Streptococcus mutans와히다 슈미Doctoral Thesis
2012Net methane oxidation performance of anaerobic sewage sludge조경숙; 이태우; 김태관; 이은희Article
2019Nitrifying-genes dynamics in the enriched bacterial consortium inoculated with humic soil조경숙Article
2011Novel biodegradation pathways of cyclohexane by Rhodococcus sp. EC1조경숙; 이은희Article
2018Odor mitigation and bacterial community dynamics in on-site biocovers at a sanitary landfill in South Korea조경숙Article
2014Overproduction of AcrR increases organic solvent tolerance mediated by modulation of SoxS regulon in Escherichia coli조경숙; 김옥빈Article
2018Performance evaluation of an on-site biocomplex textile as an alternative daily cover in a sanitary landfill, South Korea조경숙Article