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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2000New insights into the mechanisms of O-O bond cleavage of hydrogen peroxide and tert-alkyl hydroperoxides by iron(III) porphyrin complexes남원우; 한소엽Article
1996Nickel Complexes as Antioxidants. Inhibition of Aldehyde Autoxidation by Nickel(II) Tetraazamacrocycles안병태; 남원우Article
2014Non-heme manganese catalysts for on-demand production of chlorine dioxide in water and under mild conditions남원우Article
2004Nonheme FeIVO Complexes That Can Oxidize the C-H Bonds of Cyclohexane at Room Temperature남원우; 김진흥Article
2006Nonheme iron(II) complexes of macrocyclic ligands in the generation of oxoiron(IV) complexes and the catalytic epoxidation of olefins남원우; 김연상; 김관묵; 김진흥; 서미숙Review
2006Nonheme Iron(IV)-Oxo Intermediates as Biomimetic Models of Dioxygen Activating Enzymes박미주Master's Thesis
2012Nonheme iron-oxo and -superoxo reactivities: O 2 binding and spin inversion probability matter남원우Article
2006Nonheme oxoiron(IV) complexes of tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine with cis-Monoanionic Ligands남원우Article
2004Novel platinum complexes having chirality and free tertiary amine groups for multiple interactions with DNA남원우; 손연수; 김관묵; 서미숙Article
2016Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopic Definition of Peroxy Intermediates in Nonheme Iron Sites남원우; 이용민Article
2008Oxidation of hydroquinones by a nonheme iron(IV)-oxo species남원우; 김진흥Article
2007Oxidation of N-methylanilines by a nonheme iron(IV)-oxo complex남원우; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2007Oxidative N-dealkylation reactions by oxoiron(IV) complexes of nonheme and heme ligands남원우; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2011Oxidative properties of a nonheme Ni(ii)(O 2) complex: Reactivity patterns for C-H activation, aromatic hydroxylation and heteroatom oxidation남원우Article
2004Oxidizing intermediates in cytochrome P450 model reactions남원우Review
2005Oxoiron(IV) porphyrin π-cation radical complexes with a chameleon behavior in cytochrome P450 model reactions남원우Article
2006Oxygen-atom transfer between mononuclear nonheme iron(IV)-oxo and iron(II) complexes남원우; 서미숙Article
2005Parallel mechanistic studies on the counterion effect of manganese salen and porphyrin complexes on olefin epoxidation by iodosylarenes남원우; 김관묵Article
2000Participation of two distinct hydroxylating intermediates in iron(III) porphyrin complex-catalyzed hydroxylation of Alkanes남원우Article
2012Phosphorescence Sensors for Cr(III) and Cu(II) Ion and Study on Manganese(V)-Oxo Corroles in Hydride-Transfer Reactions한예지Master's Thesis
2011Phosphorescent sensor for biological mobile zinc전길자; 남원우; 유영민; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle
2011Phosphorescent sensor for robust quantification of copper(II) ion남원우; 이용민Article
2015Phosphorescent Zinc Probe for Reversible Turn-On Detection with Bathochromically Shifted Emission남원우; 유영민Article
2016Photocatalytic Asymmetric Epoxidation of Terminal Olefins Using Water as an Oxygen Source in the Presence of a Mononuclear Non-Heme Chiral Manganese Complex남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Article
2011Photocatalytic generation of a non-heme oxoiron(IV) complex with water as an oxygen source남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Article
2020Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from Plastoquinol Analogues as a Potential Functional Model of Photosystem I남원우; 이용민; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle
2017Photocatalytic oxidation of benzene to phenol using dioxygen as an oxygen source and water as an electron source in the presence of a cobalt catalyst남원우; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle
2019Photocatalytic Oxygenation Reactions Using Water and Dioxygen남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Review
2019Photocatalytic Oxygenation Reactions with a Cobalt Porphyrin Complex Using Water as an Oxygen Source and Dioxygen as an Oxidant남원우; 이용민; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 정지은Article
2020Photocatalytic redox reactions with metalloporphyrins남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Article