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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Geometric Monte Carlo and black Janus geometries김찬주Article
2016Holographic entanglement entropy of anisotropic minimal surfaces in LLM geometries김찬주Article
2017Holographic micro thermofield geometries of BTZ black holes김찬주Article
2008Janus and multifaced supersymmetric theories김찬주Article
2009Janus and multifaced supersymmetric theories. II김찬주Article
2019KAGRA: 2.5 generation interferometric gravitational wave detector김찬주; 김정리Review
2006Low energy dynamics of monopoles in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories with hypermultiplets김찬주Article
2007Lower dimensional branes in boundary conformal field theory김찬주Article; Proceedings Paper
2008Negative-tension branes and tensionless 12 brane in boundary conformal field theory김찬주Article
2006Non-BPS D-brane Near NS5-branes with Electric field구소영Master's Thesis
2003Rolling tachyons in string cosmology김찬주Article
2018Some Exact Solutions of a Nonintegrable Toda-type Equation김찬주Article
2014Some exact solutions of the semilocal Popov equations김찬주Article
2014Some exact solutions of the semilocal Popov equations with many flavors김찬주Article
2003Tachyon kinks김찬주Article
2006Tachyon kinks in boundary string field theory김찬주Review
2007Tachyon kinks on unstable D-branes in boundary string field theory김찬주Conference Paper
2003Tachyon kinks on unstable Dp-branes김찬주Article
2003Tachyon tube and supertube김찬주Article
2009Tachyon vacuum solution in open string field theory with a constant B field김찬주Article
2009The vacuum structure of the Janus Field Theory김란Master's Thesis
2019Transparentizing black holes to eternal traversable wormholes김찬주Article
2004Tubular D-branes in Salam-Sezgin model김찬주Article
2004Unstable D-branes and string cosmology김찬주Conference Paper
2009Vortex-type half-BPS solitons in Aharony-Bergman-Jafferis-Maldacena theory김찬주Article
2012Vortex-type solutions in ABJM theory김찬주Conference Paper