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dc.description.abstractEUSO-Balloon is a pathfinder for JEM-EUSO, the Extreme Universe Space Observatory which is to be hosted on-board the International Space Station. As JEM-EUSO is designed to observe Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR)-induced Extensive Air Showers (EAS) by detecting their ultraviolet light tracks "from above", EUSO-Balloon is a nadir-pointing UV telescope too. With its Fresnel Optics and Photo-Detector Module, the instrument monitors a 50 km(2) ground surface area in a wavelength band of 290-430 nm, collecting series of images at a rate of 400,000 frames/sec. The objectives of the balloon demonstrator are threefold: a) perform a full end-to-end test of a JEM-EUSO prototype consisting of all the main subsystems of the space experiment, b) measure the effective terrestrial UV background, with a spatial and temporal resolution relevant for JEM-EUSO. c) detect tracks of ultraviolet light from near space for the first time. The latter is a milestone in the development of UHECR science, paving the way for any future space-based UHECR observatory. On August 25, 2014, EUSO-Balloon was launched from Timmins Stratospheric Balloon Base (Ontario, Canada) by the balloon division of the French Space Agency CNES. From a float altitude of 38 km, the instrument operated during the entire astronomical night, observing UV-light from a variety of ground-covers and from hundreds of simulated EASs, produced by flashers and a laser during a two-hour helicopter under-flight.-
dc.subjectBalloon experiment-
dc.titleThe EUSO-Balloon pathfinder-
dc.relation.journaltitleEXPERIMENTAL ASTRONOMY-
dc.identifier.scopusid2-s2.0-84938702669-, J. H., Jr.-, S.-, J. -N.-, D.-, L.-, V.-, A.-, Y.-, K.- Pernas, M.-, P.-, T.-, J.-, R.-, T.-, R.-, K.-, A. A.-, M.-, P. L.-, S.-, C.-, N.-, J.-, S.-, J.-, P.-, M.-, M.-, M. S.-, S.-, A.-, F.-, D.-, J-N.-, R.-, M.-, C.-, G.-, C.-, O.-, A.-, M.-, M. J.-, D.-, V.-, L.-, G.-, H. J.-, S.-, S.- Castro, A. J.- Donato, C.- la Taille, C.- Santis, C.- Peral, L.-'Oro, A.- Simone, N.- Martino, M.-, G.-, F.-, M.-, A.-, T.-, R.-, S.-, K.-, F.-, I.-, R.-, S.-, D.-, M.-, C.-, A.-, J.-, M.-, P.-, G.-, J.-, G.-, G.-, M.- Alvarado, C.-, P.-, F.-, A.-, Y.-, B.-, A.-, K.-, D.-, H.-, N.-, S.-, A.-, F.-, Y.-, E.-, E. G.-, A.-, F.-, T.-, I.-, Y.-, J.-, M.-, K.-, K.-, Y.-, B.-, B. A.-, Jeong-Sook-, Soon-Wook-, Sug-Whan-, M.-, P. A.-, D.-, I.-, K.-, Y.-, A.-, E.-, M.-, C.-, J.-, J.-, H.-, F.-, M. C.-, K.-, D.-, L.-, A.-, O.-, G.-, K.-, R.-, G.-, T.-, H.-, Y.-, Y.-, G.-, A.- de los Rios, J. A.-, C.-, V. S.-, B.-, T.-, M.-, M.-, S.-, T.-, T.-, D.-, D.-, R.-, A.-, K.-, T.-, T.-, S.-, H.-, A. V.-, P.-, G.-, M. I.-, E.-, I. H.-, H. W.-, B.-, T.-, T.-, C.- Cano, S.-, T.-, P.-, T.-, L. W.-, S.-, Z.-, A.-, P.-, G.-, H.-, M.-, P.-, M.-, M.-, I.- Frias, M. D.-, F.-, M.-, H.-, G.-, I.-, M.-, M. D.- Cano, G.-, H.-, A.-, N.-, M.-, H.-, S.-, A.- Cruz, L.- Palomino, M.-, O.-, F.-, H.-, M.-, T.-, H.-, V.-, A.-, S.-, D.-, M.-, S.-, T.-, H. M.-, T.-, G.- Lopez, H. H.-, J.-, K.-, A.-, T.-, D.-, M.-, B.-, J.-, F.-, N.-, T.-, Y.-, H.-, M.-, Y.-, C.-, O.-, L.-, H.-, T.-, N.-, S.-, F.-, R.-, Y.-, K.-, T.-, Y.-, M.-, O.-, J. F.-, P.-, L.-, G.-, C.-, L.- Ballmoos, P.-, S.-, J.-, K.-, S.-, J., Jr.-, M.-, T. J.-, T.-, L.-, M.-, J.-, Z. Wl-, T.-, Y.-, J.-, H.-, I. V.-, D.-, K.-, S.-, R.-, M. Yu.-, A. Zuccaro- Collaboration-
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