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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005Photoemission and x-ray absorption of the electronic structure of multiferroic RMnO 3 (R=Y,Er)조윌렴Article
2004Heavy ion beam test results of the silicon charge detector for the CREAM cosmic ray balloon mission양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Conference Paper
2004Dissociation of virtual photons in events with a leading proton at HERA박일흥Article
2004Search for a narrow charmed baryonic state decaying to D* ±p ∓ in ep collisions at HERA박일흥Article
2005Microstructure of a poled surface-relief grating and its electro-optic response우정원Article
2004Antiferromagnetic spin phase transition in nuclear matter with effective Gogny interaction양종만Article
2005Field emission properties of double-wall carbon nanotubes한승우Article
2005Band gap sensitivity of bromine adsorption at carbon nanotubes한승우Article
2005Study of the pion trajectory in the photoproduction of leading neutrons at HERA박일흥Article
2005Determination of optical Kerr nonlinearity of a photonic bandgap structure by Z-scan measurement우정원Article
2005Twist-gram-boundary structure in the B4 phase of a bent-core molecular system identified by second harmonic generation circular dichroism measurement우정원Article
2005Resonant Raman scattering spectroscopy of Ga P1-x Nx and Ga As1-x Nx in the ultraviolet range윤석현Article
2005NLIE for hole excited states in the sine-Gordon model with two boundaries안창림Article
2005Two-dimensional correlation analysis of superconducting YNi 2B2C raman spectra양인상Conference Paper
2005Electro-tunable optical diode based on photonic bandgap liquid-crystal heterojunctions우정원Article
2005Effect of Fe segregation on the migration of a non-symmetric ∑5 tilt grain boundary in Al한승우Article
2005Bi-induced vibrational modes in GaAsBi윤석현Article
2005A study of cosmic ray secondaries induced by the Mir space station using AMS-01양종만Article
2005Pressure-dependent Schottky barrier at the metal-nanotube contact한승우Article
2005BPS D-branes from an unstable D-brane in a curved background김찬주Article