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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Enhanced electrical properties of Li–doped NiOx hole extraction layer in p–i–n type perovskite solar cells조윌렴Article
2002Reentrant melting of soliton lattice phase in a bilayer quantum Hall system안창림Article
1997α-decaying neutron-deficient nuclei 195g,195mAt신승애Article
1996Systematics of the α-spectroscopic factors of the new isotope 196Rn and even-even nuclei with Z = 78-90신승애Article
1997Electron-capture effects in activity determination of 192Ir by a 4π β-γ coincidence counting method신승애Article
1997The effect of brick walls on the black hole radiation김성구Article
2018Low temperature growth of amorphous VO2 films on flexible polyimide substrates with a TiO2 buffer layer윤석현Article; Proceedings Paper
2018High photo-conversion efficiency Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin-film solar cells prepared by compound-precursors and metal-precursors조윌렴Article
2018Excited Spin-State Trapping in Spin Crossover Complexes on Ferroelectric SubstratesFabio DonatiArticle
2018Some Exact Solutions of a Nonintegrable Toda-type Equation김찬주Article
2018Depth of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Induced Air Shower Maxima Measured by the Telescope Array Black Rock and Long Ridge FADC Fluorescence Detectors and Surface Array in Hybrid Mode양종만Article
2018Role of Na in solution-processed CuInSe2 (CISe) devices: A different story for improving efficiency조윌렴Article
2018Structural symmetry changes in SmB6 - 2D correlation spectroscopy and principal component analysis양인상Article
2018Observation of Air Shower in Uijeongbu Area using the COREA Prototype Detector System양종만Article
2018Interference-Enhanced Broadband Absorption of Monolayer MoS2 on Sub-100 nm Thick SiO2/Si Substrates: Reflection and Transmission Phase Changes at Interfaces김동욱Article
2007Erratum to " Fabrication of (TMTSF)2PF6 thin crystals in a confined electrode" [Synth. Met. 157 (2007) 492-496] (DOI:10.1016/j.synthmet.2007.05.010)강원Erratum
1997Surface modification of laser ablated YBCO target양인상Article
1997Impurity model for mixed-valent Mn3+/Mn4+ ions이공주복Article
2008Néel to spin-glass-like phase transition versus dilution in geometrically frustrated Zn Cr2-2x Ga2x O4김태희Article
2008Preliminary results from the second flight of CREAM양종만; 박일흥; 남신우Article