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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Analytical studies for the effect of thickness and axial load on load bearing capacity of fire damaged concrete walls with different sizes신영수Article
2020Comparison of linear and nonlinear statistical models for analyzing determinants of residential energy consumption송승영Article
2020Effect of crimped SMA fiber geometry on recovery stress and pullout resistance김희선Article
2020Physiology-based dynamic muscle fatigue model for upper limbs during construction tasks황성주Article
2020Comparison of Emergency Response Abilities and Evacuation Performance Involving Vulnerable Occupants in Building Fire Situations황성주Article
2020Automated Detection of Surface Cracks and Numerical Correlation with Thermal-Structural Behaviors of Fire Damaged Concrete Beams신영수; 김희선; 강제원Article
2020Effective Risk Positioning through Automated Identification of Missing Contract Conditions from the Contractor's Perspective Based on FIDIC Contract Cases이준성; 손정욱Article
2020Effect of heated areas on thermal response and structural behavior of reinforced concrete walls exposed to fire신영수; 김희선Article
2019Learning to Detect Cracks on Damaged Concrete Surfaces Using Two-Branched Convolutional Neural Network김희선; 강제원Article
2020Estimation of energy use and CO2 emission intensities by end use in South Korean apartment units based on in situ measurements송승영Article
2019Evaluation of Local Comprehensive Plans to Vacancy Issue in a Growing and Shrinking City박윤미Article
2015Postdisaster Interdependent Built Environment Recovery Efforts and the Effects of Governmental Plans: Case Analysis Using System Dynamics황성주Article
2015Information Retrieval Framework for Hazard Identification in Construction황성주Article
2015Productivity Forecasting of Newly Added Workers Based on Time-Series Analysis and Site Learning황성주Article
2016Automated hazardous area identification using laborers' actual and optimal routes황성주Article
2016Hybrid Simulation Framework for Immediate Facility Restoration Planning after a Catastrophic Disaster황성주Article
2016Feasibility analysis of heart rate monitoring of construction workers using a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor embedded in a wristband-type activity tracker황성주Article
2016Visualization, Information Modeling, and Simulation: Grand Challenges in the Construction Industry황성주Article
2016Urban green infrastructure and local flooding: The impact of landscape patterns on peak runoff in four Texas MSAs박윤미Article
2016A Statistical Meta-analysis of the Design Components of New Urbanism on Housing Prices박윤미Article