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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Perceived Dark Rim Artifact in First-Pass Myocardial Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Due to Visual Illusion신태훈Article
2020Flow Homogenization Enables a Massively Parallel Fluidic Design for High-Throughput and Multiplexed Cell Isolation이정록Article
2020Identification of potential plantar ulceration among diabetes patients using plantar soft tissue stiffness이태용Article
2020Improved acceleration of phase-contrast flow imaging with magnitude difference regularization신태훈Article
2020Electrically-Evoked Proximity Sensation Can Enhance Fine Finger Control in Telerobotic Pinch류석창Article
2014Three-Dimensional Magnetization-Prepared Imaging Using a Concentric Cylinders Trajectory신태훈Article
2014Rapid Single-Breath-Hold 3D Late Gadolinium Enhancement Cardiac MRI Using a Stack-of-Spirals Acquisition신태훈Article
2015High performance wash-free magnetic bioassays through microfluidically enhanced particle specificity이정록Article
2015Comparative Effects of Ibandronate and Paclitaxel on Immunocompetent Bone Metastasis Model이태용Article
2015Microfluidic multiplexed partitioning enables flexible and effective utilization of magnetic sensor arrays이정록Article
2015Combined Outer Volume Suppression and T-2 Preparation Sequence for Coronary Angiography신태훈Article
2016Experimental and theoretical investigation of the precise transduction mechanism in giant magnetoresistive biosensors이정록Article
2016Prediction of plantar soft tissue stiffness based on sex, age, bodyweight, height and body mass index이태용Article
2016Velocity-selective magnetization-prepared non-contrast-enhanced cerebral MR angiography at 3 Tesla: Improved immunity to B0/B1 inhomogeneity신태훈Article
2016Noncontrast-Enhanced Peripheral Venography Using Velocity-Selective Magnetization Preparation and Transient Balanced SSFP신태훈Article
2016Analysis of compressive load on intervertebral joint in standing and sitting postures이태용Article
2016Marker-free motion correction in weight-bearing cone-beam CT of the knee joint최장환Article
2016A radial sampling strategy for uniform k-space coverage with retrospective respiratory gating in 3D ultrashort-echo-time lung imaging신태훈Article
2016The Influence of Various Seat Design Parameters: A Computational Analysis이태용Article
2016CNR improvement of MP2RAGE from slice encoding directional acceleration신태훈Article