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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Improved detection of prostate cancer using a magneto-nanosensor assay for serum circulating autoantibodies이정록Article
2019Biomechanical Effects of Variable Stiffness Shoes in Normal Walking After 60-minute Adaptation이태용Article
2019Heel pad becomes rapidly stiffer to dissipate the energy: finite element analysis이태용Article
2019Noncontrast Magnetic Resonance Angiography for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Vascular Disease신태훈Article
2019Assessment of finite element models for prediction of osteoporotic fracture이태용Article
2019Investigation of the relationship between localized cumulative stress and plantar tissue stiffness in healthy individuals using the in-vivo indentation technique이지혜; 이태용Article
2019Cerebral blood volume mapping using Fourier-transform-based velocity-selective saturation pulse trains신태훈Article
2019Unenhanced Velocity-Selective MR Angiography (VS-MRA): Initial Clinical Evaluation in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease신태훈Article
2019A learning-based material decomposition pipeline for multi-energy x-ray imaging최장환Article
2018Magnetoresistive biosensors with on-chip pulsed excitation and magnetic correlated double sampling이정록Article
2018A Robust Self-navigation for Respiratory Gating in 3D Radial Ultrashort Echo-time Lung MRI using Concurrent Dephasing and Excitation신태훈Article
2018Characterization and suppression of stripe artifact in velocity-selective magnetization-prepared unenhanced MR angiography신태훈Article
2018Longitudinal multiplexed measurement of quantitative proteomic signatures in mouse lymphoma models using magneto-nanosensors이정록Article
2018Whole-brain arteriography and venography: Using improved velocity-selective saturation pulse trains신태훈Article
2018Real-time tumor motion tracking in 3D using planning 4D CT images during image-guided radiation therapy최장환Article
2017In-vivo viscous properties of the heel pad by stress-relaxation experiment based on a spherical indentation이태용Article
2017Longitudinal Monitoring of Antibody Responses against Tumor Cells Using Magneto-nanosensors with a Nanoliter of Blood이정록Article
2017The use of shear thickening polymer as a hip protecter이태용Conference Paper
2017Simultaneous Profiling of DNA Mutation and Methylation by Melting Analysis Using Magnetoresistive Biosensor Array이정록Article
2017Assessment of a photon-counting detector for a dual-energy C-arm angiographic system:최장환Article