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The development of a Korean drug dosing database

The development of a Korean drug dosing database
Ah Kim S.Hoon Kim J.Jin Jang Y.Ho Jeon M.Un Hwang J.Mi Jeong Y.Suk Choi K.Hyang Lee I.Ok Jeon J.Sook Lee E.Kyung Lee E.Bin Kim H.Jun Chin H.Hye Ha J.Hoon Kim Y.Koo Lee B.
Ewha Authors
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Healthcare Informatics Research
2093-3681JCR Link
vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 267 - 275
SCOPUS; KCI scopus
Objectives: This report describes the development process of a drug dosing database for ethical drugs approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA). The goal of this study was to develop a computerized system that supports physicians' prescribing decisions, particularly in regards to medication dosing. Methods: The advisory committee, comprised of doctors, pharmacists, and nurses from the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, pharmacists familiar with drug databases, KFDA officials, and software developers from the BIT Computer Co. Ltd. analyzed approved KFDA drug dosing information, defined the fields and properties of the information structure, and designed a management program used to enter dosing in-formation. The management program was developed using a web based system that allows multiple researchers to input drug dosing information in an organized manner. The whole process was improved by adding additional input fields and eliminat-ing the unnecessary existing fields used when the dosing information was entered, resulting in an improved field structure. Results: A total of 16, 994 drugs sold in the Korean market in July 2009, excluding the exclusion criteria (e.g., radioactivity drugs, X-ray contrast medium), usage and dosing information were made into a database. Conclusions: The drug dosing database was successfully developed and the dosing information for new drugs can be continually maintained through the management mode. This database will be used to develop the drug utilization review standards and to provide appropriate dosing information. © 2011 The Korean Society of Medical Informatics.
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