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Isotopic composition of light nuclei in cosmic rays: Results from AMS-01

Isotopic composition of light nuclei in cosmic rays: Results from AMS-01
Aguilar M.Alcaraz J.Allaby J.Alpat B.Ambrosi G.Anderhub H.Ao L.Arefiev A.Arruda L.Azzarello P.Basile M.Barao F.Barreira G.Bartoloni A.Battiston R.Becker R.Becker U.Bellagamba L.Berdugo J.Berges P.Bertucci B.Biland A.Bindi V.Boella G.Boschini M.Bourquin M.Bruni G.Buenerd M.Burger J.D.Burger W.J.Cai X.D.Cannarsa P.Capell M.Casadei D.Casaus J.Castellini G.Cernuda I.Chang Y.H.Chen H.F.Chen H.S.Chen Z.G.Chernoplekov N.A.Chiueh T.H.Choi Y.Y.Cindolo F.Commichau V.Contin A.Cortina-Gil E.Crespo D.Cristinziani M.Dai T.S.Dela Guia C.Delgado C.Di Falco S.Djambazov L.D'Antone I.Dong Z.R.Duranti M.Engelberg J.Eppling F.J.Eronen T.Extermann P.Favier J.Fiandrini E.Fisher P.H.Flugge G.Fouque N.Galaktionov Y.Gervasi M.Giovacchini F.Giusti P.Grandi D.Grimm O.Gu W.Q.Haino S.Hangarter K.Hasan A.Hermel V.Hofer H.Hungerford W.Ionica M.Jongmanns M.Karlamaa K.Karpinski W.Kenney G.Kim D.H.Kim G.N.Kim K.S.Kirn T.Klimentov A.Kossakowski R.Kounine A.Koutsenko V.Kraeber M.Laborie G.Laitinen T.Lamanna G.Laurenti G.Lebedev A.Lechanoine-Leluc C.Lee M.W.Lee S.C.Levi G.Lin C.H.Liu H.T.Lu G.Lu Y.S.Lubelsmeyer K.Luckey D.Lustermann W.Mana C.Margotti A.Mayet F.McNeil R.R.Menichelli M.Mihul A.Mujunen A.Natale S.Oliva A.Palmonari F.Paniccia M.Park H.B.Park W.H.Pauluzzi M.Pauss F.Pereira R.Perrin E.Pevsner A.Pilo F.Pimenta M.Plyaskin V.Pojidaev V.Pohl M.Produit N.Quadrani L.Rancoita P.G.Rapin D.Ren D.Ren Z.Ribordy M.Riihonen E.Ritakari J.Ro S.Roeser U.Sagdeev R.Santos D.Sartorelli G.Saouter P.Sbarra C.Schael S.Von Dratzig A.S.Schwering G.Seo E.S.Shin J.W.Shoumilov E.Shoutko V.Siedenburg T.Siedling R.Son D.Song T.Spada F.R.Spinella F.Steuer M.Sun G.S.Suter H.Tang X.W.Ting S.C.C.Ting S.M.Tomassetti N.Tornikoski M.Torsti J.Trumper J.Ulbricht J.Urpo S.Valtonen E.Vandenhirtz J.Velikhov E.Verlaat B.Vetlitsky I.Vezzu F.Vialle J.P.Viertel G.Vite D.Von Gunten H.Wicki S.W.Wallraff W.Wang J.Z.Wiik K.Williams C.Wu S.X.Xia P.C.Xu S.Xu Z.Z.Yan J.L.Yan L.G.Yang C.G.Yang J.Yang M.Ye S.W.Zhang H.Y.Zhang Z.P.Zhao D.X.Zhou F.Zhou Y.Zhu G.Y.Zhu W.Z.Zhuang H.L.Zichichi A.Zimmermann B.Zuccon P.
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Astrophysical Journal
0004-637XJCR Link
vol. 736, no. 2
The variety of isotopes in cosmic rays allows us to study different aspects of the processes that cosmic rays undergo between the time they are produced and the time of their arrival in the heliosphere. In this paper, we present measurements of the isotopic ratios 2H/4He, 3He/4He, 6Li/7Li, 7Be/(9Be+10Be), and 10B/ 11B in the range 0.2-1.4GeV of kinetic energy per nucleon. The measurements are based on the data collected by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, AMS-01, during the STS-91 flight in 1998 June. © 2011. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.
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