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The kinetics of neutral methyl viologen in acidic H2O + DMF mixed solutions studied by cyclic voltammetry

The kinetics of neutral methyl viologen in acidic H2O + DMF mixed solutions studied by cyclic voltammetry
Ji Yoen KimLee C.Joon Woo Park
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Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
0022-0728JCR Link
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry vol. 504, no. 1, pp. 104 - 110
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The chemistry of the two-electron reduction product of viologen (1,1′-dialkyl-4,4′-bipyridinium, V2+) neutral species, is important in understanding the electrochemical behavior of viologens and their utilization. The kinetics for the reactions of neutral methyl viologen (V0) in the presence of H+ (from HCl), CH3COOH (pKa = 4.75), ClCH2CH2COOH (pKa = 4.00), HCOOH (pKa = 3.75) in aqueous media was examined by cyclic voltammetry according to the EECi mechanism. To avoid the electrodeposition of V0, we used a 9:1 (v/v%) H2O + DMF mixture as the solvent medium. To evaluate the rate constants for the chemical reaction followed by the second electron transfer step of V2+, the ratio of the anodic and cathodic peak current (Ipa2/Ipc2) corresponding to V0-e-⇄V·+ was plotted against log τ, where τ is the time between E1/2 and the switching potential, at various scan rates of 0.02-3.5 V s-1. The chemical reaction was found to be a parallel reaction consisting of H+-catalyzed and general-acid (HA) catalyzed reactions. The second-order rate constants are determined as kH+ = 3.5 × 103 M-1 s-1, kCH3COOH = 5.7 M-1 s-1, kHCOOH = 4.6 × 101 M-1 s-1, and kClCH2CH2COOH = 3.2 × 101 M-1 s-1 using the Nicholson-Shain method and kH2O was estimated as < 3 × 10-6 M-1 s-1. The CVs were digitally simulated under the assumption of a two-step reaction of V0 following the two-step electrode reactions of V2+ to V0. The simulated CVs show good agreement with those obtained experimentally, when the first-step reaction of V0 is a relatively fast reversible reaction and the second-step reaction is a slow irreversible one. Based on these results, we propose that V0 is in pseudo-equilibrium with H+ or HA to produce VH+ which undergoes a reaction with H2O. © 2001 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.
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