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PINA BAUSCH의 예술세계와 안무방법에 관한 연구

PINA BAUSCH의 예술세계와 안무방법에 관한 연구
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Pina Bausch who is leading the contemporary Expressionism Dance (Dance-Theater in Particular) is discussed in this thesis. The contemporary Expressionism Dance has appeared sensationally in the contemporary dance scene and has been puting a lot of vitality into it. Pina Bausch was born on July 27th, 1940 in Sol men, Germany. She started dancing at Folkwan School under Kurt Jooss and is presently one of the very active choreographer in the world. she also supports the women's liberation movement. she enlarged her dancing world by performing in various parts of the world, and made her teacher Kurt Jooss and the Wuppertal Dance Theater famous all at once. She showed a style of German dance and has socked the world with this style. She has a unique choreography method and vision of art. The theme of her works is the culture itself that the world is facing so isn't seen as a movement in a dance or a theatrical line. The composing elements are satire in culture, irony, and overturning of a theory. The works of Bausch deal with the fundamental human impulse psychological, social oppresion and constraints, etc. The basic theme is love and nervousness and how people deal with it. In dealing with the problems of man and woman relationships, she uses something like alight motive in music through her works. She shows us the situation if people trying to find their identities and their social roles. She reminds us things we have usually forgotten our everyday life. The life and works of Pina Bausch and the German dance scene before her has been studied in this thesis. also, through her works, I analzed her art vision and choreography method. The present position of the Wuppertal Dance Theater that Pina Bausch is dancing will be mentioned and therefore I have tried to find problems and a future direction.
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